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Monday, August 17, 2009

I see LIFE in a whole new light..

I've been missing all of my cool bloggerific friends, so I decided to come back and read and also give a lil update on how every thing's been going. Not only for you but to myself. Kinda like my way of talking it out.. feels good.

So... back in the end of June my grandma passed. All my talking and blogging of not calling her kind of choked me up. Very unexpected, she was only 66.. so I've been dealing with that. Finally got back on my feet and dried my tears until July 27th came, and my water breaks.. I announced on here that I was preggo. I made it all the way to 17 weeks and 3 days and my water fucking breaks. Did you know a baby can't survive without it's amniotic fluid for the rest of the pregnancy.. well it can they said by the grace of God but it would have a multitude of complications.

That hurt like a ton of wrecking balls to the heart.

It as a boy, exactly what I wanted sooo bad, I was going to name him Ellis. Even though he was 9 oz he had so much character in his face, arms and legs long like his Dad's, lips and nose like mine. Even right down to the matching shape of the toes finger nails.. he was going to be so beautiful.

My birthday was July 29th so you know I was damning God for such a wonderful birthday gift, but time has passed and I'm ok, we're okay. We're actually going to wait until our original agreement of 30 to try again.. get some time to get healthier, go to church.. just whatever ever it takes to get a life back on a that positive level..

On a happier note I'll be back with a new me.. life's too short, all this death has opened me up a lil bit. I'll most definitely have something to blog about now.. lol

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seeing is Believing..

and then I almost had a panic attack. NO.. I did have a panic attack..

I went on babycenter.com to look up information, research mommy details that I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE ABOUT.. like the actual birthing of a baby. I sat here at work, played the video. Didn't look too bad, it was like lady's top part of her body, she was just in pain..screaming a tad. THEN the camera goes way SOUTH. .. my heartbeat races, I'm sweating a little so I take off my sweater, I see the head of the baby, and blood stretching this woman's vulva to complete capacity..my stomach turns, and I start darting my eyes looking for a trash can.. I grab a laminated chart and start to fan myself, close my eyes and breathe deeply..until my heart races slower.. What the hell just happened? Was I that disturbed over having a baby?

Usually I'm not such a bitch over slimy, bloody, eerie things, but that got to me.

I'm totally clueless on all this stuff and it's starting to stress me out. I think this is where it's coming from. I mean you should see my dreams. Talk about weird.

Lately, I've been bugging my mom friends with all these questions. I know they are getting so tired of me asking questions that seem so, I dunoo.. dumb!? I call one up and ask about what she does with her kids while she's at work. lol So we talk about Daycare. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT DAYCARE COST?.. it's a whole brand new (LEXUS) car payment a month!!! What a rip off. So, what the hell am I gonna do?
Stay home? Yea right! Who can do that anymore? I think my hubs will have to work nights and I will work mornings.. Good-bye to seeing him anymore.. Guess that's just what having a child is about sacrificing some time together.. ? Whatever. I'm game. Fuckin bring it.

Here is the link to that video.. go see a baby born and see if you don't lose your lunch. lol Mother Giving Birth Epideral

Natural Birth

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Stork Has Landed!

Well we all know what that means now... don't we?

YES! We're having a baby! My husband and I pregnant! I know I've been absent which I sometimes do, but dealing with new fetus's in your uterus will actually deter you from alot of things. I'm happy, we're happy.. totally was an accident but good things come out those, so hey. We wanted to wait until the big 30, but 27 is close enough.

Just to update you I'm 11 weeks, so beginning of the 3rd month. I had a great 2 months, well I won't jump off the hinge and say GREAT, I had some nausea, but I didn't throw up once. Actually if it wasn't for me checking the calendar I wouldn't even of known. All I knew is I wasn't feeling like myself. I kept waking up and saying that, and I had constant butterflies. NAUSEA. Some say that's actually worse than throwing up, but after my favorite treat or two it would go away.

This baby is the first on both sides of our families, since we both are the first born grandchildren. So alot of people are excited. Husband is still in agh. He can't believe we're making humans now.. He wants to crash every hobby, fun activity, wish and want in "before the baby comes". I'm like, life isn't over when children come into your life. ...........Right? (totally 2nd guessing) I'm thinking, it's really just beginning.

I do have some fears but don't new mothers all? I wanted to wait to tell people, but 3 months is getting pretty good..if something bad happens then I've rather loved a new baby that's gone then to have never loved a new baby at all... lol (thanks William)

It's a new wondrous experience becoming a new Mommy. I sure don't know what in the hell is next, nor what the hell I'm doing but I'll surly take it. I'm due January 1st, 2010.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Catching Up..

The most DELIGHTFUL Islandbaby, over at Just My Opinion tagged me for the interesting Tag questions of 8. She was nice enough to tag me, plus I don't have any ravin' cool blogger news going on with me... EVER. So, I thought this would do just fine for today... Thanks again lady <3

8 Things you are looking forward to:

* Visiting ATL for the first time
* Turning 27, actually
* Moving down the street
* Becoming a Mommy <3
* Swimming this summer
* Saving a whole buncha money
* Owning my own business
* Keeping a good out look on life

8 things you did yesterday:

* Spent a whole 8 hrs at a team building function w/ my co-workers outside of work
* Took a 2nd shower when I got home cause I couldn't rest & settle
* Finished knitting a 2nd panel of a cabled blanket
* Babied the hubs cause he fell and bopped his head on the concrete while playing basket-ball
* Chatted with the bf for 2 hours
* Got on the scale, haven't gained anymore weight! yess!
* Ate left overs
* Played with the dog

8 things you wish you could do:

* Play the piano, guitar
* Live without working.. ugh!
* Buy and ride a motorcycle..
* Travel, not the world but close to it
* Grow my hair down my back..lol It's been shoulder length forever!!
* Eat whatever I want, all the time!
* Make it to where my house was magically cleaned every time I came home
* Be happy just the way I am

8 shows you watch:

* Good Morning America
* Medium
* Dancing with the Stars
* Anything on Food Network
* Survivor Man
* Everybody Hates Chris
* MARTIN Re-runs

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

O Granny..

I've been thinkin..

I haven't talked to my granny in like 5 months.. I'm surly gonna burn in hell.
I don't know about you but I don't keep in touch with distant relatives. Does that make me narcissistic asshole? To tell you the truth, I really have a reason why I don't call my grandma. The Dr. prescribed her Zoloft because she moved away from majority of her children and was severely going through empty-nest syndrome. During that time I called for sure but when we talked she would crryyyyy and cryyyy, and talk about her hypochondriac ailments.

Like, I'm dying.. did you know that? lol I'm like DAMN Grandma, can you make me anymore sad. So I chalked it up as she was crazy, but when I talked to her for her birthday she was good. Some people just get really sad and say crazy things sometimes. (lol)

I barely talk to my parents. Sometimes though they kidnap me on the phone conference style at work. Talk about embarrassing. I'm like Hi Mom, Hello Dad.. they're both like, "Hello Daughter!!" We thought we'd steal ya for a second before ya go to lunch. (Why wouldn't they harass me on my lunch, in my car, instead for the whole office to hear my moms new lemon grass drink diet plan, and my bowel movements)

Please note. I'm really thankful but maybe something happened to me when I was younger? I don't know.. I better get my act together though before I end up like a reverse of that "Cats in the Cradle" song by Harry Chapin. I'll have kids, and they're not gonna wanna talk to me anymore? Shit.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cupcakes and Deer

Wonderful Gabby at Gabby, she wrote tagged me for the coolest and oddest lookin tag ever: Since her blog is just as Deer, I have no problem excepting this cool tag award. Cupcake tag award rather..

Rules: respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one other question.

What is your current obsession?:
Capitalizing. I want to capitalize everything in a sentence. and using a million continuation dots..........................................................

What are you wearing now?:
Work clothes... ACTUALLY we could dress down all this week, so blackwash jeans with cool button pockets in the back, black polkadotte button cami, and black under-tank

Do you nap a lot?:
I don't make an effort too, sometimes it just happens while watching TV..

What would you like to learn to do?

Have multiple orgazims that last for 20 minutes each.

What's for dinner?:
Tonight is breakfast for dinner. Maple sausage n gravey bisquits, eggs, fruit, and oj.

What's one of your favorite movies?
Forest Gump.. it just is.

What's one thing you're looking forward to?:
SUMMER.. things are just happier. Going home at 5:00pm. Sat & Sun. The future with kiddo's.

Who was your childhood crush?:
BRAD PITT, Patrick Swayze in Point Break , Jon B. and Omar Epps

If you were to pick up a pen, what's the first thing you'd write?:
Graphitti style my name..

What would you like to get rid of?
Growing old. Basketball players on TV are younger than me! WTF happened?

What in life are you waiting on?
My period. All this damn muff slick-ness.. and it hasn't came yet! Shit!

Now tag 5 blogger peeps:

1. Starzgazer Here I Come

2. The Rambeling Diva at C'est What??

3. Jewels at Bitchfest!

4. Chrystina at Faith, Trust & Pixie

5. Desert Rat at Runaway Train

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Used to my New Snatch..

Sorry to be so damn blunt..

but I'm not very privy to the priveldge of the pussy..

In other words: I FINALLY got a girlie girl shape up. Not like what you think, and no it didn't involve wax. I rather not bleed through my panties to mirror a 12 year old girl. No matter how much grown up pedofile men like it. lol

I just decided to free myself from the liberated 1970's woman's movement and really "mow the lawn" so to speak. I guess my husband has had his last teeth flossing and jungle safari. He said.. "Hey woman!, it's a jungle down here!" lol

My girlfriends get brazilian's all the time, when they ask me, I just laugh and put my fist in the air. Hence, staying dedicated to my afro look. This time though, my husband brought me a cool neato gadet. A intamte lady shaver... I LOVE IT! It's like girlie pink clippers for that area, you can even do designs! Except, that's pretty creepy.. I've been using it and was afraid if I went to close it would cause a new hair growth itching party in my pants, but IT HASN'T! Yesssss!!!

I say that because when I was in the 5th grade that happened. I shaved it clean off. Hair started to grow back and I was clawing at my coo coo like it was a spawn of satan. So.. I never did it again.. bare-ly.

Now I'm dancing, floating and fancy freeeee... (picture a tampax commercial, that's me) So if you don't like your BUSH (not the politician), then try out a new cool fun shaver.

O YEA.. here is the cool shaver.

Friday, May 1, 2009

To you 2009 GRADUATES out there

I usually don't ever have anything too exciting to do over the weekend except tend to my dawggie and husband, but this weekend we're taking a small family road trip to his home town for his lil' sister's high school graduation. He's from Junction City, KS. I know that doesn't mean much to you big cities out there, but it's a small humble military town based on Fort Riley. The cool thing about traveling to his home town is... it's 2 hours away. Yess!!

I know there's alot of high school graduations this year that many people are tending too, like Soggy Bloggy and her daughter The Water Bottle.. =0) Those are blogs btw. My boss's youngest nephew are graduating and suppose to be my little cousin also but he hasn't decided if wants to leave high school yet or not, so we're still working on him.

I don't have anything important to say about starting your life, but all I know it involves alot of thinking. So be ready to use some parts of your brain that normally don't come into play till' around this time. If you go away to school, keep active, stay happy and remember to have fun. School is serious, but not THAT serious. If your not doing the school thing, then start doing SOMETHING. Starting off being a LOAF isn't very life fulfilling. And when you start that something, make it into what makes you happy. Find zeal in doing what you love. If you can turn that into money, then hell: so be it.

2001 I graduated from High school... when did you all?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Straight Blogger Hiatus

I know I've been gone, I think this is the longest I've been gone overall..

I just been sick.. with the SWINE FLU?.. NOPE. it wasn't. Just almost damn near something like it!

You know when your sick, you really don't really feel like doing shit! Like, not even thinking. The light to the computer even had me nauseous. It hasn't been the slightest of fun. I can't even imagine the actual Swine Flu victims. It was so funny (well not really) I came to work on Friday, they took one look at me and was like.. GO HOME!!!!!!

I'm thinking this was the best time to be off, and they want me to leave! AND I'm sick!

Phooie, man.

So, I'm well now.. Thankfully due to some Sudafed and Night-Quil. The sorry part was HUBS WAS NO HELP!! Isn't your husband suppose to be there for you through thick and thin.. when your sick and unable. Well the whole time he was no help. No chicken noodle soup, no foot rubs, no store runs. Oh wait, except one towards the END!
You know us women, we never forget..... so just WAIT.

He'll be sick and I'm gonna go get all his fav foods and eat them in front of him, then act like I'm gonna share then take it away and say, "OOPS, can't share germs!"
I'll turn the air on Antarctica, and ask him how's his stuffy nose & congestine doing? while I drink Hot Cocoa with EXTRA MARSHMELLOWS!! (sorry, I'm a little perterbed)

So, for all you fellow sicko's out there I bid you well. There's nothing like a terrible flu to get you through the week.

Plus I missed you guys too <3

Friday, April 10, 2009

Where Were You in 1982?

I was just peeking out of my moms uterus to be welcomed into skinny Levi's, braided plats, head bans and sweaters with alligators on them..lol However much I say I don't like the 80's, I find myself fascinated with that time period, while dealing with how far we're getting away from it. I'm getting older..=0( I mean, =0).

What prompted my question was a movie I never seen before, but everyone else had: Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

It came on cable last night, I saw it coming on and was like, do I want to watch this old movie? lol Then I saw what it was, and remembered my uncles and aunts talking about it some years ago.

It was funny, and kind of raunchy! It was like our American Pie.. silly with a whole bunch of nudity & smutt talk.. and a whole bunch of actors that I recognise in other current movies. Like of course Sean Penn, Linda Barret, Judge Reinhold, YUMMY Eric Stoltz (From Mr. Jealousy & the bad Dad in Butterfly Effect) and Forrest Whitaker.. Soundtrack was good, one of my fav songs was from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers! This was just a lil movie time that took me back! <3

Here's the original trailer:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting Down & Getting Ready..


I literally can't wait. Spring has been more like winter here in the Midwest. The last snow was just a few weeks ago. It was 75 one day, then in the 20's with a blizzard snow the next! WTF?

So, in January I was on my quest for better health and jump started my work it all the way off plan. So far I haven't worked it all the way off but I'm getting there. I've lost 20lbs with this weeks weigh in. I'm 10lbs shy of this months goal. Hopefully by the end of April I can get close to 30lbs. I'm very excited with myself that I'm really taking this somewhat seriously. My goal is to get to 140, now I'm 5'2 short and curvy stocky, and dense like a fruitcake. I had to give that image to my husband cause he feels like he can pick me up like I'm a bitesize snicker bar but once he does he's paying for it. I yell, "Put me down before you get hernia or something!" Did you know lifting heavy objects can cause hernia? I didn't know that.
I know he hates when I say that, but he's like 190lbs toned, and he's practically lifting himself!

So by JULY, which is my birthday month, I would love to have reached my goal. It would be the best summer yet. I would for sure have to buy a real bathing suite instead of surfer shorts lol Nothing wrong with surfer shorts, but mine were never cute. Mine were like on last night's episode of Scrubs when everyone was on the beach vacationing, and they were seeing who's woman looked good in their bathing suite as they walked up to join them in the sand. Donald Faison's wife came floppin up the beach with a sun visor, huge brown shorts, a tank and a big ole bag..lol That's me.

I'm still on the trek, just trying to make it the finish line. Salads are still doing the trick for me, and calorie restriction. I said that to my mom and she damn near flipped her lid, like "So what, your starving yourself now!" No, just not putting so much shit in my mouth mother! I wanted to say that, but I didn't. I kinda made up my own plan. If I worked out alot more, I'd be where I should be and more, but I had a rough stressful month. It was a busy month at my job.. read here to feel my pain.. They say working out releases stress, but when I've had a shitty day the last thing I want to do is go get on a treadmill and sweat my new perm out.

Next month, however.. that will be a different story. More workouts, more water drinking, and more salsa dancing. Dancing really is a great workout if you don't like the same hustle and bustle at the gym. Hopefully by the summer months I can really stick too it, if not I'm still in heading towards the right path..

All in all ... I've kicked 20lb's in it's ass and I'm totally stoked.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yea, It's THAT Time

Why did Eve have to eat the apple?

I damn her every time my girlfriend wants to pay a visit. Meaning, the doomed Menstrual Cycles, Periods, "On the Rag" whatever you would like to call it. I call it "Girlfriend", cause even though it's far from hell of being a "friend", I still try to be optimistic and befriend the: bloating, cramping, back aching, boobie tenderness, mood swings, TV show crying, smooth bowels, and sweets scarfing.

I know I should of paid close attention to the clues last week, but I was in phase mode of working and up keeping the home.

First sign my boobs felt like they were stretched to complete capacity in my bra, and they ached. I snapped at my mom, felt horrible, then came home from work on the same day and slept 6 hours! Yesterday was the Oh great! Your here.. and then the paaaiinn. I already took a 800mg last nite, hoping it will medicate until the next day.. and it didn't. Now I'm at work, back throbbing and I have no bullets and no gun. Ok, totally joking, but I'm not one to be messed with today!

Most of my bloggy buddies are ladies, so do you guys have great menstrual weeks? or am I the only one clawing up the wall?

Menstrual Cycles sure can put a damper on your party. I just looked up "On the Rag"and did you know this was where it came from?:

Answer.com: The phrase “on the rag” originated sometime during the late 19th to early 20th century. When a woman was menstruating, she was “on the rag,” a phrase that literally described the way women of the day protected themselves from accidents during menstruation. Each woman had a supply of rags for specific use during menstruation. Women would layer rags together until they were sufficiently thick, then use pins to attach the rags to their panties. After each use, the women would wash the rags and hang them out to dry. Each woman had a special place (usually a bag in her underwear drawer) where she kept her rags for the next time she menstruated.

Ugh! I couldn't imagine!! My mom told me they used to use these belt type thinggys that held a pad in place because the stickie on the back wasn't invented yet. A jock strap for a pad!? Yea, that's REAL sexy! LOL

My research came up with this picture:

Was this how they were worn? Would blood just flow down the legs and onto clothes? I'm so confused!? And this was like 30-35 years ago! So not that long. Oh how I take stickie adhesive for granted. Thank you stickie adhesive makers for allowing me to walk publicly down the street without blood running down my leg, or trying to stuff a whole bed sheet into my panties to catch it. Thank you.

The Stright DOPE! gave a interesting article on Tampons, I guess women have been make shifting their own for years, even before the belted pads. I know I would!

Apparently, as time passed, tampons went underground. By the 1930s, when commercial tampons became available, some women were already making their own "out of surgical cotton, cutting strips to size and rolling them tightly for insertion, or they bought natural sea sponges at cosmetics or art supply stores and trimmed them into reusable tampons," Friedman writes. "But these women belonged to an exclusive margin of society; they tended to be actresses, athletes, or prostitutes--all dubious professions, in the eyes of 'respectable' women."

BUT: according to Wiki answers: The tampon with an applicator and string was invented in 1929 and submitted for patent in 1931 by Dr. Earle Haas, an American from Denver, Colorado. Tampons based on Dr. Haas' design were first sold in the U.S. in 1936.

WHY, oh WHY would people wear belts if these things was already patented in 1931!

I know why, because I started my period when I was 10, and it took me all the way until I was 17 to wear tampons. I thought it was weird with something up there without it feeling good. haha However, currently they are my bestfriend.

Ok enough bloody talk. I'm ready to go home, eat my salad, drink my hot tea and hit the sheets! Clean ones, that is. =0)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm So Awarded ...

...if that makes any sense, well last week sometime Ms. Oh so deliciouso Gabby gave me a award. The Proximity award at that. Which I think is pretty cool. I loves spreadin the LOVE, so that's what I'm gonna do now.

What is this delightful award?

PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time, and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. Check up on these writers! The rules are: This blog award should be sent to your favorite 8 bloggers, and they, in turn, should forward it to their fave 8.

So here are the cream dela cream of my col-lection'. For now, check em out.

1. Bon Don at "Who Throws A Cupcake, Honestly?"

2.That Girl at THAT GIRL

3. Islandbaby at Just My Opinion

4. Lil' Honey at The Bee Hive

5. Mrs. Mary Mack at Thought
of an ADHD Drama Queen

6. Mich at Who is Mich?

7. The Peeps at Spinless Whine, cause you all know we like too.

8. Last but not least: Dore GoGo at I Am Miss Dore GoGo She's new so hit er up.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Come'on You Scardey Cats..

There is a new super entirely scary movie out and I want to go see it! Its called...

The Haunting in Conneticut

I absoultly LOVE scary movies, and pretty much can handle anything. One of my favorite movies is simply called DEAD. Just a typical zombie flick. But the really eerie haunted ghost ones are always the most hair raising.

I called all my movie buddy friends up and said, "Hey, lets go watch Haunting in Connecticut this Friday!".. One of my friends said, "No way man! I want to get some sleep tonight!". I'm like ahhh, phooie! Sleep later, be scared toooniight! Another friend just looked at me and rolled her eyes, I didn't even get a verbal no.

What's so scary about scary movies? lol

I remember when The Ring first came out, that kinda scared me when I went home. I couldn't look at a blank TV screen for a few weeks..LOL
The Exorcist is damn near deemed as the ULTIMATE scrary flick. Which is it pretty scary, but some parts of it was almost comical. I grew up deeply in religion and faith and I think why those kind of movies always appeal is because they're spirtually scary which you were taught to stay away from. I still know people who haven't seen it. It's all what your perceptions and beliefs are.

Another that I really thought was good was the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead If you haven't checked that one out, then it's a Netflix rental for sure. The orginal one from the 70's is even better.

Some good ones that aren't so scary are: The Others: with Nicole Kidman, I AM LEDGEND: with Will Smith, The Grudge, or any Nightmare on Elm St's with Freddie. Maybe when I was a kid he had me, but he's old news now. lol

Here's some top list of the ScArIeSt Horror Flicks to watch:


BHM Updated 2009 List

Amazon's Scaries List

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Monday, March 23, 2009

What's For Dinner?

I'm so hungry right now. It's Monday the start of a new work week and of course I had a shitty day, which of course has me debating: Do I order out? Or cook a home cooked meal.

With the home cooked meal, I can have left overs. Ordering out is dinner for tonight, and lunch for tomorrow. Plus more fating. Possibly.

With all this recession talk, and money spending schpiel its probably better I consider some saving and cook like a real wife should. I really do love it, but everything takes SOOO LONG. Like I want to cook meatloaf, with whole green beans, sweet potatoes, and sweet corn on the cob. But I have to go buy it, prep it, cook it, bake for 45, then eat at 9:00pm. How do you cooks do it!?

I don't eat boxed meals like Hamburger Helper, they are good, but the sodium is to die for, literally and I have high blood pressure. =0(

So what do I do? Got any good quick : fresh : easy dinner suggestions?

I'll probably just stick it to time, and make something I know I'll like, like:
Shepperd's Pie! It's not too super long, but it's casserole-y and thrown together. Add it with a salad and call it a night.

Here's the recipe I found:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Shoot Me Now.. Please

I've been totally gone from my blog, because my "thank god I have a job" job, is driving me entirely up the wall.

Stressed isn't even the a word for it.

I've been working for the same company for 7 years in July, but lately I've been starting to think.. Why am I even here? ( O, because the economy is shit, and it'll be like hell to find a new one)

My boss has bit off more than she could chew and it all blew up in her face and scattered to my desk and another co-workers desk recently. She's a control freak who likes to handle EVERYTHING in a 4 1/2 person job. When people do that what does that mean? SOMETHING ISN'T BEING DONE. So after a lecture from our big boss to my boss, things are starting to run a little smoother. Kinda.

Aside from all the extra work and long hours, we also have a 50 year old part-timer who doesn't do SHIT but TALK, COMPLAIN, LAUGH, LOOK UP KNITTING SHIT, TALK, BOTHER ME FOR A SEC (to make it look like she's working)THEN TALK SOME MORE. UGH!

If I didn't have good hair I swear I would pull it out! Freakin part-timers.. <~~::mumbling:: Just stay home or go back to your fancy house, rich, still got all your 401K husband, and leave the worker slaves be, cause really, your not helping anything. Just making me more angrier actually.. UGH!

Ok, so today's Friday and I took a deep breath. If I had it I'd roll up a phattie, bake my oatmeal raisin bars and call it a nite. BUT instead, I'm off of work early, I cleaned up the crib, bought a bottle of some Batasiolo Moscato D'Asti, a couple Red Box flicks and invited a couple homegurls over to soothe my aching brain. Ya know a couple of laughs, some drinks, and comfy house shoes will always do the trick.

Then invite hubs to soothe something else later. lol

Hey whatever I need to make this the most anti-stress filled weekend I possibly can.


Friday, March 6, 2009

What Are You Watching?

Other than making time to knit for all my winter gifts, and stimulate by reading the next romance- drama- thriller, I also have to make time to get my TV in. Come on now.
Lately, before fall majority of the shows were kinda null, and boring now a whooole slore of shows are on now.. I can't keep up..

All my co-workers are LOST junkies. Now it really is a good show, but if you miss a few seasons, boy do you really get LOST. I tried to catch back on with the little last season review, but still, too LOST.

I still can't get enough of The Office.
I know lately I've been watching re-runds, but it really is a different humor that's HILARIOUS.. and if you really work in a office then you can really under stand some of that get- on - your - nerves crap!

Medium with Paticia Arquette is a pretty good show, I don't think it will last long because the premise is getting kinda old with her waking up every night because she dreamt pieces of a murder in her sleep. BUT its a pretty good show, and what I LOVE about it is she's a little thickie with some curves and she has this handsome tall Aussie/Brit whatever he is husband who is great to her! When do you ever see that on TV!? Usually it's the heavy set, egotistical, rude husband with a super thin housewife.. ex: "According to Jim" or "King of Queens" (which are both great shows, but nice to see an beautiful average working mom, with a hot ass husband!)

Everybody Hates Chris! OMG, can you say so funny! The last episode had me bustin at the seams, only because me and hubs was going through the same thing. I've been on a diet, so that means HE is on a diet, but not by choice.. I just cook less so I don't have more around to eat.. and Chris's mom ( PAM from MARTIN) was doing the same thing.. "Shakes, anyone!?"

HBO's Eastbound & Down is my husband's show that he has me watching while taking up the TV time. It is kinda funny. This dude though is so mean, and RUDE that I get tired of it, but it's written by Will Ferrell, so you know there has to be some laughs in there somewhere.

Now, I know it's silly, but HBO's Flight of the Concord has us rolling.. These English guys do music parodies of their own while tying it to whatever topic their talking about, but the music they do is sooo funny. Sometimes they do R&B like a straight slow jam and its so funny cause it sounds pretty good.. check out what thier about..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crotch Rocket Anyone?

Can you imagine it? It's summer time, the warm air blazes through the vents of your jacket. The sun glistens and sparkles on the shiny chrome. Birds chirping, flying with you in the sky..and gas like $15 a tank!

Yeaaaaaaaaa! I want to buy a bike!!

Well I've always adored motorcycles and crotch rockets, but never really wanted to get one because I didn't want to be selfish to my husband, but WHO CARES! lol

I don't have any kids, the weather is about to look right, and I can save alllooott of money on driving my big ass boat around!.. Ok, I wouldn't like ride everyday to work or anything, it would probably be just for nice days and good times.

I really like Honda Street bikes, Harley's and Choppers are cool, but are not my style. I would want an all black one, then everything I wore would match with it..LOL
(I'm such a girlie girl) I would want a super cool helmet that I would always absolutely wear, and super cool gloves and jacket. I wouldn't do the whole leather looking suite thing unless I was doing some MOTOCROSS! (which that is pretty fun too)

My Dad has a bike, it's chromed & studded out. He added some saddle bags on the side, and a couple sound enhancers. He was in a bike club in Seattle for awhile, but learned after it was like a fraternity for 40 + men he got out. All he wanted to do was ride. Me tooo!!

So hopefully i'll be able to get my big booty on one soon, before responsibility hits and the thrill is gone. I'll make sure to post some crotch rockin pics if so! lol

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat on Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday, and I work in an office with a bunch of diet killers.

I've never seen so much purple, gold and green in one setting. We are in KANSAS mind you, celebrating like we're in the thick of Louisiana. I'm not a party pooper for not celebrating, but putting me through hell trying NOT to rape that massive KING CAKE on the counter isn't exactly what I call... fun.

Have you ever heard of a KING CAKE? I haven't till today.

Did you know there is a freakin baby hidden in that thing.. and if you get it then you have to host the next King Cake/ Fat Tuesday party. I don't know about you but it don't feel right chomping on small babies?

So to get back on my diet, I've brought in... salad.

I ate oatmeal this morning, but it doesn't cut it when it comes to that cake,.. deliciously waiting for me..

and muffins, cupcakes, cheese, crackers and cookies. (whoa look at that all start with a "c")

Well crap.

I hope everyone has a joyous FAT TUESDAY.. faire une fĂȘte.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ground Control to Major Tom

While I was on the plane coming back home I was soooo tired... While waiting for the flight back which was DELAYED, I tried my hardest to keep my eyes open. I don't sleep in unknown places I'm not familiar with.. esp not a airport. So I told myself I'll make the sleep up on the plane in a seat in the corner (by an exit) all to myself. I had my ear phones, sun glasses (it was night)and my hood to be extra secluded. Well..

My sleeping plans feeelll through. Since it was delayed they took some people from another flight and squished everyone together..so it was a full flight. Earlier I saw a man in the gate area waiting for his flight. He was a tall Don Juan pimp like of a person. His hair was slicked back into a tight braided ponytail. He had on a 3 piece hunter green and tan suite. It was tailored fit, not all huge. He had one ear pierced, gold bracelet and nice teeth. I saw him catch my eye a couple of times, and I thought oh lord.. please don't let him sit by me. I am not for sale, nor do I have his money..LOL

I sat at the first seat near the front next to a stocky Hawaiian lady, thinking nobody would want to sit between us.. it'll be great, plus we had extra leg space. Well, behold.. there he was pointing with his extra long finger nail, "May I please sit between you lovely ladies?" Cigarette smoke and a disgruntled cough later, he asked my name. My name is so hard, I just usually tell people a fake name: Stephanie.. it's 3 syllables and people can understand it. But somehow my real name came out. I think it was the power of a pimp. He introduced himself with something I couldn't understand and we started talking..

This was his first plane ride in 11 years. We stopped in Las Vegas to let people off and he wanted to take a smoke. The attendant told him if he left he would be left, he begged to smoke on the landing next to the plane and blow the smoke out that small crack and she told him he would be arrested. He was joanzing like no other. After another hour he told me he was a musician. He played the guitar- 6 string and the bass. I told him I also was into music, I sing here and there. Then openly I showed him my new LA tattoo of a treble clef and a bass treble clef on the right side of my wrist shaped into a heart.

He dugg it. Then started to digg me. He kept saying, who EVA.. eva eva eva, is waiting at home for you is a lucky man. I told em thanks.. He said I had the softest looking cheeks and was down to earth...yatta yatta. I was getting weired out, so then I turned the convo over to his love life. He was married for 13 years. He and his wife were having troubles and one day his wife calls him at work and asked.."What time are you going to be home from work?" In his gut, he said he knew what that meant. He lied and said 9:00. . (pm) From there he said he slammed down the phone and rushed into his 30min drive home to find his wife in the bed with another man. He said his heart dropped and shattered into a million pieces. And he never found the effort to sit and put it all back together again.

I could tell there were still some bitterness. He said that was 20 years ago, but when he explained it to me it felt like it happened yesterday. He said he loved her so much, worked 2 jobs for her, consoled his every thought to her, and she took all that away. He said he left her with the house, one of the cars, all the furniture and he left with his clothes, his guitar and his extreme heartbreak. It was like he wanted to still cry right there on my shoulder. He said he never felt anything like it ever before.. then it got me to thinking.. when I had my first real heartbreak. It really is nothing to play with. I was so down I was below the below..

After all our heartbreak/ache talk, we went back to music and how my husband was so lucky. Then I thought how this guy wasn't so bad at all.. see how stereo-types & judgemental thinking will keep you from meeting the coolest people sometimes?

He was the lover's lover, and I liked that. He pulled out his Cologne from his inside pocket and sprayed it on the back of his hand, rubbed it in and smiled with a sparkle. I took a sip of the cosmopolitan he bought me and sleeplessly flew all the way home.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm In LA Trriiiicccckkkk...

Well, not anymore. I'm BACK HOME in cold Kansas, and sad I can't see the beach anymore! =0(

I had an OH SO wonderful time! I got to see all the CA,LA attractions, and the not so great attractions like the parking as I mentioned before, the rain that only started when I came, and the bums that made pools of pee at the stop light crosswalks.

I've saw Larry David on the Santa Monica Pier on Valentines day. He was walking in front of us, with his lady friend, and I had a whole scenario in my head when I saw him. Which probably most non-californians do. I saw em, then thought, man he looks like Larry David, then light bulb flashed, and I thought, wait I'm in California, then reluctantly out of my mouth, I shouted, "HI LARRY DAVID".. lol He said "Hiii".. and thats it. But shit, thats what they signed up for.. people like me. I don't care if it's was Valentines day.

I ate like it was nobodies business, drank a tad, and got to visit the most awesome people ever! Bon Don with her cute little self, their gorgeous friend Dula Dip, and of course the luxurious Himbo, and he does have awesome hair! We chatted up and drank and ate. They were so funny! We could talk about anything..I hope my friend Court gets together with them cause she needs some CA chuckles from real cool people!

For my buddy's birthday I took her to get a tattoo, she got an African Violet flower on her wrist, and I got a music treble clef & a bass treble clef on my wrist that makes a heart. This trip will be so memorable.

I'm glad to be back home, CA is a wonderful place to visit with so many cool things to do, and a array of people of all nationalities. I can't wait to go back again.

Here are some pics of my travels I took:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

That Parking Thing is REAL

I've finally made it into CA last night! I'm in Long Beach, CA. The city is beautiful! Although it was really late when I came in and couldn't see the pretty sky still everything looked so cool.. We ate pizza at Boston Pizza (I think that's the name). Then my long time buddy took me to her cute little humble abode. It's cute and its quaint and it fits her so perfectly. She loves this place and says she can actually see herself living in Long Beach forever. Pretty cool for a country girl moving to the big city..

Well.. with big cities come big parking problems. I knew this before I came because just a few months ago she told me she was real hungry and didn't want to spend alot on food. She wanted to take a trip to Subway, but after a seconds thought decided not too because she had an AWESOME parking space!

Soo.. she decided she'd rather stay home and starve.

Last night while driving around 1:something I found that we were circling around and around on one way streets alot. I asked what she was doing and she said looking for a parking space. I was like, damn! What's going on, someone having a party? She laughed, and said no. It's like this all the time!.. What! I said. This shit is real! We drove down further and she exciiiiiitedly found one. It's funny because back in KS she didn't know how to parallel park, she whipped her jeep forward and slung it back in reverse and there we were, parked perfectly. Thank gawd my luggage had wheels cause we were rolling for awhile. She said, whew! I'm glad we got one up close!.. Up close! I was walking through an alley for like 15 minutes! LOL (give or take... ;0)

I know this has to be a worldwide issue because Ms. Amber, in Amber-Alert blog had somewhat of the same incident. She almost missed a meeting with aka: Slim Shady because she had a BOMB ASS parking spot next to her building and didn't want to leave.. after seeing this with my friend I can tooootally relate.

In Kansas, it's so wide and flat. We have no public transportation, just one bus that only picks people up at major spots during the work hour time of the day. Kansas City, MO has buses that run though out like a city, but the parking is never an issue. I have a parking space right in front of my apt door everyday, same thing at work damn near too! So this was a city parking culture shock.. This is CA, Ambes is in DC, so I know NY, FL, CHICAGO, MASS, etc can feel the same.. maybe even worse in some areas.

Thank gawd for open parking spaces and... garages.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Special Delivery

I know i've been reading alot of Valentine blog post, but I thought I might not have one to offer considering I'll be out of town this weekend. (TO CALIFORNIA <3)

Usually my husband and I don't do much of anything special because our excuse is that we enjoy each other all the rest of the days, but we really just don't want to get caught up in the hype of gifts.. (this was made after a few missed gift exchanges and last minute drug store stops) If it isn't from the heart, then lets just pass up on it.. When I do things, I like make the effort to do them 100%. He was making it feel like.. "do I really haaaavvvee too?" lol

Although this year, he surprised me. Cupid came early. I'm so simple and he'd done what I always wished. Letter from the heart. Accompanied with roses made it even better..

I'll share his provoking inspirational of the heart:

"Something beautiful for the most beautiful woman I know. Your intelligence, sophistication, elegance and class are indeed characteristic of beauty. Your potential is endless in a world of so many possibilities. Your strength and courage are simply remarkable.
I love to see your face in the morning. I know I am married to a Queen who needs no paint to hide behind; and whose body has been truly fashioned by God. I am privileged and honored to find a rare jewel. She is my friend, my lover, my mate for life!"

The lady delivering the flowers waited for me, and gave me this hand written note. I went to my desk and was all emotional, my ears were hot and my nose was read. I called em up and thanked my love for the best V-day ever..

Just simple notes will do it to me every time.


Next day, today.. 2/13.. I received another dz of roses, no love letter, but he stole my heart yet once again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PUSH by Sapphire

While rummaging through old boxes of my mothers books I stole from her while moving, I saw this publication. PUSH, by Sapphire. I really didn't know what it was a about, but when I read the back it looked interesting. I started reading it the other day and couldn't put it down. I think it was like a school reading criteria book. You know the ones that have study guides and questions to go with them, but I don't know who would be studying this book in class it's so real and deep and vulgar.

This is what it's about: From the author Sapphire, "Precious Jones, the protagonist, has been raped by her father since she was seven years old. She's also been abused and battered by her mother, horribly. In addition, she's slipped through all the cracks in the educational system. So at sixteen, when the novel begins, she's still in junior high, unable to read and write, and pregnant with her father's child. She wants to stay in school just in the hope of someday getting to be a part of something, but they kick her out because she's pregnant. And then she goes to an alternative school, where she's allowed to have her innocence back. And these older women and fellow outcasts who are in the class embrace her. So she goes from being this object of ridicule and abuse to being like the baby. "

Quite moving I must say. Made me take my warm & loving life for granted. Take knowing how to read & write, and how to talk proper and knowing how to put "our face" (puttin on the proper-esque and saving face is used to get by, like walking with zombies) on for granted. I couldn't imagine illiteracy even if I wanted too, and that's kind of sad.

The book might not be suited for all, my husband read a page when she was talking about her father raping her and he just set the book down and was confused all night. I think it shook him a little, and didn't understand that things like this happen in the world. Illiteracy, rape, poverty, addiction... = oppression. Sometimes we act like we don't hear those cries.

Anyway, not to pour on the sadness thick, just wanted to recommend a book that stirred me up a lil'. It's pissy, it's graphic, it's sad, it's vulgar, it's black.

Here's a link to the interview with the first time novelist.

Next: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison.

Monday, February 9, 2009

2006 Was The Year..

Today is just heavenly outside today.

It rained over night, a little bit this morning, then the clouds broke apart and the sun came out. The winds are warm and the air is clean & crisp. Got me feeling all musical. I get that feeling when everything feels right; then I start thinking back to when times were so magical. The most recent year was in 2006 when I met my husband. My friend in college came home for the summer and we just kicked it like kids do. The music was really good, the weather was really hot, and I got rid of some lost baggage I had been carrying around for seven years. A long time to be with someone who didn't love you completely. Vice verse. I would never do that to myself again. Thinking back... 2006 was my year of self discovery with a case of butterflies here and there. Who ever knew falling in love again would be so rich & enjoyable..

Can you think back to when you fell in love?

Not the teenage love, but the grown-up love. Where the all the games were out of the picture, but when it was all said and done only you two were the ones left?

Today kinda seems like that... 3 years later. It's not summer outside but it is to me.. I heard a couple songs on the radio today that confirmed it. I was 23 then.

2006 was a compilation of worried, scared, nervous, laughs, love , joy, hunger & pain all jumbled up in a year. God said, I have something for you.. you better aware yourself so you can receive it all cause you've never experienced anything like this.

And he was right.. the wind even blew differently. I saw the moon in a different light, the rain fell at a different angle. Birds spoke to eachtoher in the early morning and I noticed.

The year was my Muse. I wrote poetry & love stories and prayed & gave thanks. People looked me in the eye, and I smiled..

Like I was dancing to my favorite slow song..

Have you had your year yet?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Totally NOT a Good Look

So, catching up on the drama I first blogged about, first take a gander at this one: Abuse

After all the drama and more insanely crazy issues with this maniac she decides to:


After all the bull shit, all the crazy mean allegations and nonsense. They wed. At the court house just last weekend. Now, I must admit, since all the crazy drama between the two of them this guy, now her husband made the effort to clean up a tad, became and little sweeter, started doing stuff for her, becoming more of a guy great..

Well I guess not..

They've been having some short arguments and disagreements now and then before the court house ceremony, but tell me why after the ceremony............... he flips!?

On Friday night, the day I took off for myself I spent all night helping her get ready for this, she led me to believe that he had changed, and he's all about being with her forever, he's good for her daughter.. yaaaaddda yaddda yada. Majority of her friends left her, and he has pushed many of her family away because of the whole situation. Knowing this, I felt like she needed to have soooooomebody in her life, but somehow I didn't know how much of a undertaking that really was. The whole situation is so sour.

The night of their marriage, she'd made plans to go to a very elaborate themed hotel, with rose petals on the bed, Jacuzzi, champagne & fruit and such. Spent all this money on lingerie and what does he do? Makes her night a living hell. While trying to consummate the marriage he blames her for not successfully fulfilling the big O. Which can be a problem sometimes when your: sleepy, stressed, tired, worried etc. So instead of Turing over and calling it a night, he throws the hugest tantrum, yells, argues, blames her for crazy non-existing stuff.. and worse says the most vile, ill mannered things a man should never say to a woman. Telling her she would never be a _______ (his last name). She only got with him to be her baby's new daddy & mentioned how payback is a bitch, he's so angry he could get her again (sleeping with another woman, which he'd done 1 month before) Now he never laid a hand on her, but the mental & emotional abuse she received ON THEIR WEDDING NIGHT.. was incredibly sick. Like, are you kidding me.. (more things happened that night, that I couldn't possibly indulge, I just can't believe it)

She interrupted me during my cooked sushi eating and called and told me all this.. I didn't want to tell her I told her so, but that's what I felt. The only words I uttered was get an annulment first thing Monday morning, your life will be a living hell if you don't do something about it now.

She cried, I listened. She was confused I tried to cover her with sane consciousness. At the end of our convo I asked so what are you going to do? I don't know... she said. I don't know.

From there, I thought.. welll damn. I tried to be there, but I don't know how much friend to friend stupidity I can possibly take. Why would someone want to re-loop their life with such insane drama & stressful intensity like that?..

I told her that he was a PSYCHOPATH: –noun Psychiatry.
A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

And a NARCISSIST: -noun Psychiatry
A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.

To me that's crazy people.. ? My mom is a Holy Roly ( joke for someone who's deeply in the scriptures and talk the word of God for everything- which isn't a bad thing) said, he's a possessed individual and has the spirit of Satan all over him. She told me to pray for them and if she doesn't listen to just keep away.. like.. it's like that serious!

I was watching Oprah, and she had the father on from Sugarland, TX who son shot the whole family after the son's graduation dinner b/c he wasn't going to graduate from college. The son was obviously mentally crazy, they psychologist called him a sociopath, and he was a narcissist too, that he was able to do this.. Kill his family.. these are signs. That's when I thought about my friend.. SIGNS. That people don't look at because they are too worried about their superficial emotions.

Well .. the signs are clear and I hope nothing like death ever happens to her, but I have to back out of this one. How long do you stay & lend that ear? Supposedly my thoughts and mentions don't mean much, when she calls about the same situation I just say them all over and again and I'm tired of it. Soon just the arguing and making her feel incredibly retched will not be good for him, he will have to elevate to something more hurtful when those cries aren't enough..

You just have to get the crazy people out of your life.. don't ya'll agree?

I never thought in my life I'd come across such a thing. These phyco's really exist.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Taxes Schmaxes

So it's Tax season for everyone now and I don't know if I'm gonna like it this year.
Last year I was so close to oweing. I forgot that my husband and I were only married like 3 months out the year so we filed seperatly and that eased the pain somewhat. I know alot of people save their refunds and stash it away for a rainy day, or pay some bills off, or just splurg it to death, which is all fine.. it's your money. Acutally over the years I've done all of those..

I remember when I asked my mom when I was 17 if I could do mine seperately. I damn near had a full time job and going to school so she let me. I thought that was pretty cool of her, because most parents would want to hold on to thier kids dedecutions as long as they could. Now, if they are still living in the house, going to school with no job then that only makes since to keep theirs. When I got that refund back at 17 it was like $800.00. I thought I was the richest person on earth.. I bought a car stero (for my lil 1986 Honda Accord, & this was 1999 mind you), went to some resturants with my friends, got a new Jansport backpack, and saved the rest for Prom.

Now a days seem like my buddies are getting the jackpots back. I have alot of single mother friends, and when it is tax season for them it's a payday foreal. One of my friends met me for dinner and drinks, she said she was going to Vegas to see her dude and was real excited because she got her taxes back and could have some money and a couple new outfits. I thought that was cool, cause when you go to Vegas you need some money to have fun, but $7000.00 worth! Damn! I told her I'm having some kids tomorrow!!! LOL Noo just kidding..even with 2 kids I wouldn't get back that much. I know everyone's situation is different of course, and I know she really needs it, she does alot for her boys. Single mothers need any handup they can get, I saw it my whole life with my mom..

This year however, I'm in really need of a new computer. My brother & his lil porn obession has stricken my laptop with viral video stds. I've updated it & what not, it's just fairly old. So that's first on my list.. then I have to save for Atlanta this summer to visit my husbands grandparents.. I've never been there and I really want to do some site seeing..

What are your plans this tax season?

Yahoo had some good Tax & Finace articles:

Tax Cuts You Can See Soon

How You Can Still Land A Stimulus Check

8 Things to Do As Tax Season Begins

How and (HOW MUCH) The Rich Cheat on Taxes

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sweeeet.. Lemonade Award

THAT GIRL nominated me for the Lemonade Award! Her blog is Oh So Crazy, with a whirlwind of single girl excitement I only wish I had.. Her blog is hella funny, witty and she's a gem of person to her family and friends. And she always shows love.. hopefully someday I can get one of those free Patron shots .. (extraa lime for me please..LOL)

Here are the rules:1. You must link back to the person you received the award from.

You have to nominate 10 bloggers who are deserving of this award!

1.Islandbaby- From Just My Opinion.. great read, she has similar everyday occurrence's that so funny at times.

2. Errant- at My Own Circus Show-
Is extremely bright and talented in her writing's. Her imaginations & clever post just always grow out of the computer screen and tend to inspire me..

3. Amber at Amber-Alert- Is hilarious with a tinge of attitude and I love it. She's real and reminds of me of all the real shit I missed out on. Plus she gives good advice rather she thinks so or not.

4.Chole at Orchestrated Destiny is just the sweetheart of the blogger world. She's writes emotional and makes me remember all the small parts of life we all sometimes tend forget.

5. Dizzblnd at Dream Watcher has your Dream informational fix. She's writes about incubation, interpretation, & good old tips for the resting mind.

6. Brother's Blog - Is the charismatic, chilvaristic, yet funny blog from a brotha's perspective. I like reading his blog cause I forgot how funny some men can be. Plus he brings up topics you question about, but never thought to blog about.

7. She's Gotta Have It is also a great blog when you just wanna read and want to be girly, chic & fresh. She's smart and topics are interesting as I am..

I'm just doing 7 bloggers, the others I've awarded like a billion times.. don't wanna award em' out.. LOL

Monday, February 2, 2009

Agh Fully Rested

and..... back to work.

Friday was great it was like 68 degrees, and sunny. Time needed and well spent. As my blogger buddy Patti put it.. Mental Health day. They should make those like national holiday's and it should always be on a Friday, like every 3rd week of the month. (ok, i've thought too much about this..)

Sad thing though is, more time on your hands the more your diet jets out the window. I ate like it was nobodies business. PLUS totally forgot it was SUPERBOWL weekend. I went over a friends house to watch it and had yummy greasy pizza and more. It was so worth it though. My fat ass will burn it off this week. Who did you guys watch the super bowl with? I totally thought Arizona was gonna win! It's like lets give the underdog a chance to win, woulda been a great story. Pittsburgh already did it a thousand times.

That was stupid girly sports talk..

Saturday I went out with some friends and found out more about how I love (COOKED)Sushi. I'm just a pussy when it come to raw fish, but I'm too scared I'll get some parasite. I know our ancestors did it, and I know if I was stranded on a island with no food & fire I would be chowin down on some raw cod, but for now I'll just have it cooked. It was delicioso!

We went out afterwards and it became an early night because one of the girls (just met her) over stimulated boyfriend roided out and head butted her for talking to a guy that came with us. He then left her stranded and she was in tears. I couldn't believe that.. the things guys will do these days.. I was ready to go home anyway.. My husband was ready for me, and I wanted a stress-free mental health weekend, not tracking down some massive muscle roided out dick head. Not my kinda party.

Overall...I can't wait for SPRING!!!!! 1 more month (and 2 1/2 weeks) to get through and happiness will start to bloom again. For all you warm all year around states, you can't ever take that for granted.. For cold states: WINTER sucks.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Not Feeling Too Good... Tomorrow

Well it's about that time again. Calling off from work. I happened to do this at least once a season. Last time I did it was just beginning of fall, it's now END of January and I think it's about due. I'm achy from all the working out, and I went to a salsa dancing class last night and wore the highest heels I own when everyone else were wearing tennis shoes and jeans. Who goes to a SALSA dancing class in sneakers? When I go to the Latin clubs I'm wearing my heelz and a breezy skirt.. you have to feel the music, and I feel it in my heels..lol ANYHOW long story short my calves are on fire. Maybe that's the reason they wore tennis shoes..lol

Work has been just demanding, I was asked to work over time on a Sat twice. Usually I don't care, but lately my husband has been getting the weekend off and it's nice having the time to spend with him so I've been saying no and then I start getting the guilty glare now and then. Plus, tomorrow is Friday.. and High of 57 degrees Friday at that. I said I was gonna do it last week, but I chickened out. Don't know why, I have almost gang of sick time.. I think I was starting to care for a second?

How do you spend your personal day off?

Even though I'll be off tomorrow, I'm gonna be kinda busy through out the day. Joining the hubs to get his hair primped & faded in the early morning. Maybe get some gym time in the afternoon, then helping a friend that I mentioned in this blog.. Abuse. She's actually getting married to him on Saturday at the court house. We've talked, she knows how I feel yatta yatta, but you can't change people's minds. They have to experience things for themselves sometimes. But I still got love for her, touchy situation it is. (but that's another story, blog story rather)

So, For tomorrow I gonna just do to the sick thing, that's really all I have to say. You don't have to be all descriptive and super informative. I don't make my voice groggy cause this lady does it here and it sounds so fake and "lets see how deep I can make my voice with as much crackle as I can" sound. lol An interesting finding I found was a WikiHow on how to do it.. It's pretty funny actually because I really think somebody thought long & hard about how to do it.

But I don't blame it though can you? Sometimes you just need a break of SANITY..I gotta re-group without worrying about spending 8 more full long hours with the same people I see everyday, all day..it makes a better employee. Heck come Monday, I'll be back mentally clean as a whistle with a smile on my face..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If I Have To Eat Another Salad...

So it's been 4 weeks now and I've been on the crusade to better health. I've joined every online web calorie keeper, every weight bar tracker and blog you can find. BTW SparkPeople.com is just the greatest. So is Calorie King if you want to know down to the digit on what your putting in your mouth. The first 3 weeks I probably cared, but this week..hellish isn't even the word. I've worked on every muscle on my 5 ft 2 inch frame.

I visited the gym awhole lot and played a couple of basket-ball games with my husband. I love playing with him. Usually I'm breathless as a whore on a hot day, so I know I'm getting a good cardio's worth. Sometimes we wager a little bit. Whoever wins gets to have oil a massage. And he's serious.. like if I don't win I don't get nothing! I guess it makes getting one that much better. Plus I don't mind.. I try harder next time.

So I get to the gym, and do my thang. As I start wasting down and doing weights I people watch a tad.. I don't stare like the guys do at the skinny mini's who actually go to the gym wearing the tightest booty crease plastered leggings and just a sports bra. Hence why I don't wear that stuff to the gym, your asking for it. Plus I don't want to see where you are sweating..ugh.

You see the men and their waste belts pulling truck loads of weight, the evening office workoutters with their work sock creases on their calf (me included). My gym even has some of the cutest little old people trying to get their fit on. Hopefully I can keep this up.. I ate bad on Sunday because my husband through a dorky "XBOX Land Party".. I just recently found out what that was all about. He told me my services were only needed in the kitchen. After a few slaps upside the head I was able to get in some vocals on Rock Band. That is really a cool game. I listen to all types of music but hopefully they will make one with different genre's that would be so awesome.

Anyway.. (that went totally off the subject) In tyring to keep up the positive weight loss and tone up plan, I vow to get back on track and hit it harder this week. I just need to think of some better food options while trying to do so. Salad is no longer an option.. lol

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dewey Cox Cracked Me Up..

Usually, I don't watch the over exaggerated re-make of a popular movie, but over the weekend I was channel surfing through the cable channels and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story was coming on so I decided to watch it. Yes, it was soooo silly and had some crazy parts like the naked man in the hotel with the incredibly smallest penis I've ever seen in my life.. *ahem, however.. It was really funny.

What made it so funny was the songs, that John C. Riley was really singing, and they were half way decent.. The whole movie was derived from Johnny Cash's story, Walk The Line with Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon. Which honestly I've never seen.. didn't look that great from the trailers, but after this satire, maybe I'll see it..

Tim Meadows is in it and he plays the druggie, stolen from the scene in Ray.. he's always funny..He's a different kind of humor with a straight face.

The time line was cool to watch too, from the 40's all the way to present, I like time-line movies like that, that changes from decade to decade; like Forest Gump.

Don't get me wrong it has it's share of stupidity, but it's great for a quick chuckle er two..

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a Knit Wit...

This weekend I'm going to be all about my projects I have going on. Other than hosting a birthday dinner for my man friend's girlfriend, I also have a yarn crawl. (searching & purchasing for yarn from different LYS (local yarn stores))

Knitting is just he coolest, I learned over a year a so ago by a lady who I worked with. I have a huge passion for winter fashion and I collect winter accessories, but I always wanted to make my own instead of buying them all the time. Giving them out as gifts is always a huge plus. This year I gave out 2 scarfs and 1 hat. Really that's all I've made so far. Plus a thousand scarfs for me of course. I'm working on a thick black and purple cabled blanket to give to my bf in Cali. Even though it's 80 degrees there in January.

Here are some pics..

This is a scarf I made for my brother, he wanted to Red, Black & Green Colors

This one was for my husband, just a coal grey cabled scarf

This was for me.. just nice cozy, soft & warm

The next project I want to make is from Kinky Coils & Sting

Hopefully I'll be able to find a the yarn to make this also: THE WOMEN's RED VEST

It might seem kinda old foagy, but knitting is a great release, keeps me busy and not in the refrigerator and I can make the tightest looking stuff.. Fun shit!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Annnnnd The Survey Says...

A few of my friends: Myspace & facbebook junkies send me survey's to do here at work, I do them and use them as a little quirky way to get to know eachother a little better in a odd way.. Here's the one that was given to me today.

What time did you get up this morning?

Diamonds or pearls?
Both, they're both hot

What was the last film You saw at the cinema?
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

What is your favorite TV show?
The educational ones.. oh, and The Office, 30 Rock is funny too

What do you usually have for breakfast?
Banana if it hasn't gotten brown spots.

What is your middle name?
Yvonne, should of went by this all along

What food do you dislike?
Tomato middles

What is your favorite CD at the moment?
Musiq's was the last I've been into

What kind of car do you drive?
A big ass boat with sun damage

Favorite sandwich?
Turkey & Beef Solami....and Roast beef

What characteristic do you despise?
Ignorant, puffy, haughty, snotty, and throw some bitches in there too

Favorite item of clothing?
Compfy as of lately, I can't wait until I can dress right again

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you

Warm, just somewhere warm..

Favorite brand of clothing?
Whatever is good quality that fits nice

Where would you retire to?
The world

Favorite sport to watch?
Basket-ball, it's fast and makes me hype

Person you expect to send it back first?

When is your birthday?

Are you a morning person or a night person?
I'm whatever Time.. if I'm off for awhile I don't mind gettin up in the morning, but I like the nite too

What is your shoe size?
9 really sux cause all the cute shoes are in the 6 7 8's

1 Dog: Quincy

What did you want to be when you were little?
Nurse, cause my mom was one, and wore all white everyday

How are you today?
Thinking I should of called in.. I need a break of sanity

What is your favorite candy?
Laffy Taffy, or Jelly Belly's

What is your favorite flower?
Calla Lillie.. the everybody's wedding flower

What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to?
Feb 13-17 will be getting a lil Californiacation

What are you listening to right now?
Black Magic Woman- Santana

What was the last thing you ate?
Salad last nite.. I'm so tired of them but their so freakin easy n thoughtless right now

Do you wish on stars?
I don't... I pray to God

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

How is the weather right now?
Warm today.. they say 60, hence one reason to why I should of called in

The first person you spoke to on the phone today?
Amanda Bevan.. ( my long time bf)

Favorite soft drink?
Diet Fresca- Peach & Black Cherry.. that stuff is fire

Favorite restaurant(s)?
Olive Garden, Cheesecake, Kona Grill has good sushi, my house cause I can throw down

Real hair color?
Blackish brown from all the heat I abuse to it, and right now I'm mad cause my weave don't match, I should of got a 2 (i know most won't understand what I'm saying)

Summer or winter?
SUMMER..life is just better in the summer

Hugs or kisses?
Both, I'm all for LOVE

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Vanilla.. Chocolate was forced on me by my co-workers for 7 years so I learned to like it

Coffee or tea?
Tea.. w lotta lemon & honey

When was the last time you cried?
Exspriencing all this Barackness

What is under your bed?
Storage bins

What did you do last night?
Ate salad and some other rabbit food, watched & cleaned up the DVR, watch the hub play Madden and fell asleep

Salty or sweet?

How many keys on your key ring?
I am not going to get up and count that...LOL- (Funny stuff Manda..me either)

How many years at your current job?
7 Years in July (100% vested Yesssssss.. (A Neopoltin Dynamite Yessssss)

Favorite day of the week?
Friday's Saturday & Sunday... Yes. My name is overworked & I work for the weekend.

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