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Monday, February 9, 2009

2006 Was The Year..

Today is just heavenly outside today.

It rained over night, a little bit this morning, then the clouds broke apart and the sun came out. The winds are warm and the air is clean & crisp. Got me feeling all musical. I get that feeling when everything feels right; then I start thinking back to when times were so magical. The most recent year was in 2006 when I met my husband. My friend in college came home for the summer and we just kicked it like kids do. The music was really good, the weather was really hot, and I got rid of some lost baggage I had been carrying around for seven years. A long time to be with someone who didn't love you completely. Vice verse. I would never do that to myself again. Thinking back... 2006 was my year of self discovery with a case of butterflies here and there. Who ever knew falling in love again would be so rich & enjoyable..

Can you think back to when you fell in love?

Not the teenage love, but the grown-up love. Where the all the games were out of the picture, but when it was all said and done only you two were the ones left?

Today kinda seems like that... 3 years later. It's not summer outside but it is to me.. I heard a couple songs on the radio today that confirmed it. I was 23 then.

2006 was a compilation of worried, scared, nervous, laughs, love , joy, hunger & pain all jumbled up in a year. God said, I have something for you.. you better aware yourself so you can receive it all cause you've never experienced anything like this.

And he was right.. the wind even blew differently. I saw the moon in a different light, the rain fell at a different angle. Birds spoke to eachtoher in the early morning and I noticed.

The year was my Muse. I wrote poetry & love stories and prayed & gave thanks. People looked me in the eye, and I smiled..

Like I was dancing to my favorite slow song..

Have you had your year yet?


Chloie said...

Mine was 2007... when I met and fell in love with my fiance. I can still vividly recall the day we met, like it was yesterday :-)

Bon Don said...

Awww such an awesome post! I Luff it!

Every year since 2000 has been one of those for me!! You have inspired me to write a post about this too!

mrs. mary mack said...

Yes maam the end of 2005 all of 2006 as well! The soundtrack: Dwele "Some Kinda" had us feeling some kinda way!

Desert Rat said...

At the time I thought so, It was 2004 and I got back the one that got away, it was a great love story unfortunantly he wasn't real just an idea.

Errant said...

:) nice memories .. I can't specify a particular year .. thu

Islandbaby said...

My year was also 2006. I graduated from school, I met my current boyfriend, and we fell hopelessly in love, I moved to DC, and I finally came into myself. I just felt good about me, and life. It felt like everything was new and promising. The sky was the limit! I wish that I could capture that feeling again. I would appreciate it more this time around.

Scandalous Housewife said...

I think this is my year. I'm looking around me and trying to stop and see it all, soak it all in, and enjoy. I'm visualizing my dreams and trying to make them my reality!
Thanks for reminding me to stay the course...

SheBloggs said...

Chloie: Doesn't that feel so good? I remember that too, and think of it often to keep it there forever.

Don Don: Every year since 00!! you are such a lucky woman girl. That has to feel awesome. AND Thank you! I'm flattered I inspire..

Mrs. Mary: Yeeeeesssssss ::snappin fingers:: Some Kinda is the stuff girl! Music is the soundtrack to my life.

Desert Rat: Hello there!
Yes.. the old flame feeling.. I prayed for one of those in 1999.. just didn't happen. Even though it didn't work out it was a life exspirence for ya. We need those wacked out situations sometimes to mold us through life.

Island: 2006 was great wasn't it!? Yours sounded so successful with everything else in between. We deserve those good years.

Scandy: I hope this year is the best for you!! Keep thinkin about those dreams girl. This year mine are sitting collecting dust in the corner, but.... summer is almost here. I'll be back. Good luck & stay on the course! <3

Brothers Blog said...

well since you took out the teenage love, guess the year I met my ex doesn't count. But it didn't last anyways, so that means I haven't had my year yet. lol.

So perhaps this is my year. :-))

Fabulously Fashionable Dawn said...

2004 When I opened my store and online shop www.belladawn.com, I will always remeber that year, even though I always love a little something about each year that passes ;-)

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