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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Special Delivery

I know i've been reading alot of Valentine blog post, but I thought I might not have one to offer considering I'll be out of town this weekend. (TO CALIFORNIA <3)

Usually my husband and I don't do much of anything special because our excuse is that we enjoy each other all the rest of the days, but we really just don't want to get caught up in the hype of gifts.. (this was made after a few missed gift exchanges and last minute drug store stops) If it isn't from the heart, then lets just pass up on it.. When I do things, I like make the effort to do them 100%. He was making it feel like.. "do I really haaaavvvee too?" lol

Although this year, he surprised me. Cupid came early. I'm so simple and he'd done what I always wished. Letter from the heart. Accompanied with roses made it even better..

I'll share his provoking inspirational of the heart:

"Something beautiful for the most beautiful woman I know. Your intelligence, sophistication, elegance and class are indeed characteristic of beauty. Your potential is endless in a world of so many possibilities. Your strength and courage are simply remarkable.
I love to see your face in the morning. I know I am married to a Queen who needs no paint to hide behind; and whose body has been truly fashioned by God. I am privileged and honored to find a rare jewel. She is my friend, my lover, my mate for life!"

The lady delivering the flowers waited for me, and gave me this hand written note. I went to my desk and was all emotional, my ears were hot and my nose was read. I called em up and thanked my love for the best V-day ever..

Just simple notes will do it to me every time.


Next day, today.. 2/13.. I received another dz of roses, no love letter, but he stole my heart yet once again.


Amber-Alert said...

ahhhhh!! thats so sweet!

Chloie said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! Aaawww...

Bon Don said...

And that's why he's your Hubby!! Good job picking such a sweetheart!

You're coming here this weekend?!! if you're in town friday night try & make it down to The OC ... we are having a blogger meet up for Gabby She Wrote birthday!

Email me at cupcakebondon@gmail if you can make it

Scandalous Housewife said...

Jesus, that man of yours needs to send a memo to husbands around the world! Props to the man!

SheBloggs said...

Thanks Ladies...feels nice to have such a great guy! We have our moments but I'll take these kind of days anyday<333

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

holy fuck that's the sweetest thing Ive heard in a long time.

YOu go girl

Jillian said...

that was beautiful...but that's what it's about...thoughtful gifts from the heart... :)

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