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Monday, February 2, 2009

Agh Fully Rested

and..... back to work.

Friday was great it was like 68 degrees, and sunny. Time needed and well spent. As my blogger buddy Patti put it.. Mental Health day. They should make those like national holiday's and it should always be on a Friday, like every 3rd week of the month. (ok, i've thought too much about this..)

Sad thing though is, more time on your hands the more your diet jets out the window. I ate like it was nobodies business. PLUS totally forgot it was SUPERBOWL weekend. I went over a friends house to watch it and had yummy greasy pizza and more. It was so worth it though. My fat ass will burn it off this week. Who did you guys watch the super bowl with? I totally thought Arizona was gonna win! It's like lets give the underdog a chance to win, woulda been a great story. Pittsburgh already did it a thousand times.

That was stupid girly sports talk..

Saturday I went out with some friends and found out more about how I love (COOKED)Sushi. I'm just a pussy when it come to raw fish, but I'm too scared I'll get some parasite. I know our ancestors did it, and I know if I was stranded on a island with no food & fire I would be chowin down on some raw cod, but for now I'll just have it cooked. It was delicioso!

We went out afterwards and it became an early night because one of the girls (just met her) over stimulated boyfriend roided out and head butted her for talking to a guy that came with us. He then left her stranded and she was in tears. I couldn't believe that.. the things guys will do these days.. I was ready to go home anyway.. My husband was ready for me, and I wanted a stress-free mental health weekend, not tracking down some massive muscle roided out dick head. Not my kinda party.

Overall...I can't wait for SPRING!!!!! 1 more month (and 2 1/2 weeks) to get through and happiness will start to bloom again. For all you warm all year around states, you can't ever take that for granted.. For cold states: WINTER sucks.


Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

coming to you from the sunshine state--- I cant wait for spring either!

We have a cold front it's in the 60s lol!

Chloie said...

I so can't wait for spring... and summer!!!

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

I left you some blog love on my page =)

Brothers Blog said...

I had to re-read that part about raw fish like 4xs. lol.

But I watched with my son and mom. Nothing major had fun though.

Allison M. said...

Our winter (I live in Cleveland) is normally below freezing temperatures.

Did he really headbutt someone?

Wow. I once knew a guy who ripped a sink out of the men's bathroom. He was also into metabolic steroids though.

Bon Don said...

is it wrong that i laughed out loud about the head buntting?

is it huh!


SheBloggs said...

Bow Chica: Your so lucky. I've never been to FL, I bet it's beautiful!!

Chloie: Me either!! I had spring fever like 2 months ago!

Brothers: I knnoooww.. I wish I wasn't scared of the real thing.. looks good though.. Superbowls are always fun..

Allison: I bet Cleveland is cold! I bet it's just like KS weather w/ hot summers and all?
Yes! isn't that nuts! He headbutted his girlfriend! She had a red spot on her noggin & everything.
Have you seen that Dewey Cox movie? He rips sinks out when he's mad too..lol

Bon Don: Nooooo, it isn't wrong! When she told me, I was like wtf? Like a soccer ball!? She kinda smirked but still in shock.. who does that shit?

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