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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Not Feeling Too Good... Tomorrow

Well it's about that time again. Calling off from work. I happened to do this at least once a season. Last time I did it was just beginning of fall, it's now END of January and I think it's about due. I'm achy from all the working out, and I went to a salsa dancing class last night and wore the highest heels I own when everyone else were wearing tennis shoes and jeans. Who goes to a SALSA dancing class in sneakers? When I go to the Latin clubs I'm wearing my heelz and a breezy skirt.. you have to feel the music, and I feel it in my heels..lol ANYHOW long story short my calves are on fire. Maybe that's the reason they wore tennis shoes..lol

Work has been just demanding, I was asked to work over time on a Sat twice. Usually I don't care, but lately my husband has been getting the weekend off and it's nice having the time to spend with him so I've been saying no and then I start getting the guilty glare now and then. Plus, tomorrow is Friday.. and High of 57 degrees Friday at that. I said I was gonna do it last week, but I chickened out. Don't know why, I have almost gang of sick time.. I think I was starting to care for a second?

How do you spend your personal day off?

Even though I'll be off tomorrow, I'm gonna be kinda busy through out the day. Joining the hubs to get his hair primped & faded in the early morning. Maybe get some gym time in the afternoon, then helping a friend that I mentioned in this blog.. Abuse. She's actually getting married to him on Saturday at the court house. We've talked, she knows how I feel yatta yatta, but you can't change people's minds. They have to experience things for themselves sometimes. But I still got love for her, touchy situation it is. (but that's another story, blog story rather)

So, For tomorrow I gonna just do to the sick thing, that's really all I have to say. You don't have to be all descriptive and super informative. I don't make my voice groggy cause this lady does it here and it sounds so fake and "lets see how deep I can make my voice with as much crackle as I can" sound. lol An interesting finding I found was a WikiHow on how to do it.. It's pretty funny actually because I really think somebody thought long & hard about how to do it.

But I don't blame it though can you? Sometimes you just need a break of SANITY..I gotta re-group without worrying about spending 8 more full long hours with the same people I see everyday, all day..it makes a better employee. Heck come Monday, I'll be back mentally clean as a whistle with a smile on my face..


Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Thankfully at my job... an email is all I need

Subject: Today

Hi (name of boss)

I'm not feeling well today, I'm not going to be able to make it to work like this.

Call me if you need anything. (they never call)


Amber-Alert said...

i've been calling out so much recently i'm sure they are beyond disgusted with me lol. if i dont have errands i usually sleep and chill til about noon when my cousin comes over and takes a 2 hr lunch she leaves then i go back to sleep until its time to pick up my child lol.

dizzblnd said...

Mental Health days are saaaaaaweeeeeet. I took Super Bowl Monday off, whether or not I'm hungover, I don't care.. it will be nice to have a 3 day weekend

Bon Don said...

Ooo I just called in the other day and it was perfect! I had pancakes in bed... I selpt alll dayyy and I even had lasagna made for me for dinner! *cough cough* I think I'm coming down with something again!!

SheBloggs said...

Bow Chica: I wish I could of sent an email.. then they don't have to hear you as much.. Thats real easy and simple.. with a nice touch. (Call me if you need anything) lol

Amber: I usually chill too! That's like the whole point, if you up and running around, ur just gonna need another day off to recoup from being tired from all that running around...LOL

Patticakes: (Tell me if you hate that it'so addicting)
Mental Health Days.. that is just perfect b/c that is what it was exactly.. a little time to rest my brain.. Next time I'm gonna plan on getting drunk though.. lol

BonDon: Pancakes in bed!! I'm comin ova your house next time! And dinner made for you too.. that's like the ultimate loaf-off call in day.

::i'm taking notes:: lol

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