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Friday, January 9, 2009

Dream of Californication

So, my bf (which is best friend, and yes I'm 26 and still use it) CC has moved to the lovely state of California about 2 years ago. She was there for an exchange program for College, and just out of know where decided to stay. I guess the extremely cold winters and nothing imaginable to do on the weekends here in Kansas wasn't much fun as we all thought. So for her birthday I will be traveling to the oh so wonderful "Golden State" to see her. Now, I've never been there, so I hope it's all what it's cracked up to be. I do want to see all the tourist attractions that everyone else goes to see like these:

Now she lives in Long Beach, so I don't know much about that city but she loves it. She said it's 30 something minutes away from LA, so it won't take her much to pick me up from the airport. =0)

I haven't traveled much in the US, but I hope CA doesn't let me down. NY is next on my list someday, but I have to literally prepare myself for that city. NY isn't taking no smack, and I wanna walk and talk crazy like the rest of em. (just gathering from the NY Dr's I talk to everyday, they are the most demanding people ever!, you think I give a rats ass b/c you have MD behind your stuck up name?) Anyway! I really can't wait.

During that time I'll be sure to post a pic er two of my Cali Trail Travels.


Bon Don said...

Oh yay! I hope we leave a good impression on you!

*but just a heads up*... those pictures are far more beautiful than the actual places!

*Bon Don*

Missy said...

Girl have fun, I love Cali. Never been to Long Beach though.

SheBloggs said...

Bon Bon- That's what I heard too! lol I still wanna see em though. I know theirs ton of stuff to do!

Missy- Thanks lady! I'm SO looking forward to it.

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