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Monday, January 19, 2009

New Born Baby Anyone?

Pregnancy must be in the drinking water here in Kansas. Seems like everyone and their mama is pregnant. Three ladies here at work, my youngest sister, and a couple in my husband's family. One of the ladies here at work actually got married the same day as I did, and now she's preggo. We saw each other in the kitchen, flaunting her beautiful belly. lol I asked:

Me: Wow, baby's getting bigger! When are you due?

Mrs.Glowing : March 13th

Me: Wow, hope that's not on a Friday! :: Laughing::

Mrs. Glowing: < stone face >

Me: Well, haha.. you look great, I can't wait to pop one out soon.

Mrs. Glowing: What are you waiting for?

Me: 5 years, it's what we said, so hopefully by 30.

Mrs. Glowing: 30! I'll be on my next one by then! Good luck.

Me: We just wanted a little time for ourselves. We barely like each other now, no telling if we had a baby today.

Mrs. Glowing: < stone face >

Me: ::thinking:: I don't like talking to her anyways.

SO with all that baby talk, I am kinda jealous of the new expectant mamas. I do want a little one, but aren't they like forever? No return policy with that at all huh? My husband is still playing around himself. A baby would just throw a wrench in the whole party. I have this small inclination to want to get it started though, I don't want to be old with a kindergartner, but then again maybe not. If we don't give some time to ourselves we would really want to kill each other like War of the Roses with Micheal Douglas. Watch it sometime, it's funny.

Some of you are mothers on here, and I know your children are the brightest star's in your sky. It must be an awesome feeling to be a mother. I know my mama thinks so.


Errant said...

wish you all the best .. you'll have the cutest kids in the world .. n you'll be a very good mama :)

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Kansas?? Gosh that seems like the middle of no where... sorry I'm such a city girl!

Anywhoooooo I'm totally with you... I want to have babies by 30You have a hubby and I dont... so I have to catch up!

Bon Don said...

I like that you want to enjoy your marriage first! I am 30...ok 31 and I would love a baby, hopefully soon. My hubby & I have two teenagers but a baby boy would be the cherry on the top! Good luck.

*Bon Don*

She's Gotta Have It said...

These days it's so easy to get baby envy because every time you turn around somebody's having one. Kudos to you two for holding on for a while to enjoy wedded bliss. There's plenty of time!

Da_Kween said...

I love that movie, War of the Roses. I love when even after all the hell and they're dying she STILL wants no parts of him. LMAO

I agree though...take your time getting to know your mate. I don't have kids, but I have seen it complicate things when 2 people haven't had enough alone time in the relationship.

God bless on the marriage!

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