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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm So Awarded ...

...if that makes any sense, well last week sometime Ms. Oh so deliciouso Gabby gave me a award. The Proximity award at that. Which I think is pretty cool. I loves spreadin the LOVE, so that's what I'm gonna do now.

What is this delightful award?

PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time, and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. Check up on these writers! The rules are: This blog award should be sent to your favorite 8 bloggers, and they, in turn, should forward it to their fave 8.

So here are the cream dela cream of my col-lection'. For now, check em out.

1. Bon Don at "Who Throws A Cupcake, Honestly?"

2.That Girl at THAT GIRL

3. Islandbaby at Just My Opinion

4. Lil' Honey at The Bee Hive

5. Mrs. Mary Mack at Thought
of an ADHD Drama Queen

6. Mich at Who is Mich?

7. The Peeps at Spinless Whine, cause you all know we like too.

8. Last but not least: Dore GoGo at I Am Miss Dore GoGo She's new so hit er up.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Come'on You Scardey Cats..

There is a new super entirely scary movie out and I want to go see it! Its called...

The Haunting in Conneticut

I absoultly LOVE scary movies, and pretty much can handle anything. One of my favorite movies is simply called DEAD. Just a typical zombie flick. But the really eerie haunted ghost ones are always the most hair raising.

I called all my movie buddy friends up and said, "Hey, lets go watch Haunting in Connecticut this Friday!".. One of my friends said, "No way man! I want to get some sleep tonight!". I'm like ahhh, phooie! Sleep later, be scared toooniight! Another friend just looked at me and rolled her eyes, I didn't even get a verbal no.

What's so scary about scary movies? lol

I remember when The Ring first came out, that kinda scared me when I went home. I couldn't look at a blank TV screen for a few weeks..LOL
The Exorcist is damn near deemed as the ULTIMATE scrary flick. Which is it pretty scary, but some parts of it was almost comical. I grew up deeply in religion and faith and I think why those kind of movies always appeal is because they're spirtually scary which you were taught to stay away from. I still know people who haven't seen it. It's all what your perceptions and beliefs are.

Another that I really thought was good was the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead If you haven't checked that one out, then it's a Netflix rental for sure. The orginal one from the 70's is even better.

Some good ones that aren't so scary are: The Others: with Nicole Kidman, I AM LEDGEND: with Will Smith, The Grudge, or any Nightmare on Elm St's with Freddie. Maybe when I was a kid he had me, but he's old news now. lol

Here's some top list of the ScArIeSt Horror Flicks to watch:


BHM Updated 2009 List

Amazon's Scaries List

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Monday, March 23, 2009

What's For Dinner?

I'm so hungry right now. It's Monday the start of a new work week and of course I had a shitty day, which of course has me debating: Do I order out? Or cook a home cooked meal.

With the home cooked meal, I can have left overs. Ordering out is dinner for tonight, and lunch for tomorrow. Plus more fating. Possibly.

With all this recession talk, and money spending schpiel its probably better I consider some saving and cook like a real wife should. I really do love it, but everything takes SOOO LONG. Like I want to cook meatloaf, with whole green beans, sweet potatoes, and sweet corn on the cob. But I have to go buy it, prep it, cook it, bake for 45, then eat at 9:00pm. How do you cooks do it!?

I don't eat boxed meals like Hamburger Helper, they are good, but the sodium is to die for, literally and I have high blood pressure. =0(

So what do I do? Got any good quick : fresh : easy dinner suggestions?

I'll probably just stick it to time, and make something I know I'll like, like:
Shepperd's Pie! It's not too super long, but it's casserole-y and thrown together. Add it with a salad and call it a night.

Here's the recipe I found:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Shoot Me Now.. Please

I've been totally gone from my blog, because my "thank god I have a job" job, is driving me entirely up the wall.

Stressed isn't even the a word for it.

I've been working for the same company for 7 years in July, but lately I've been starting to think.. Why am I even here? ( O, because the economy is shit, and it'll be like hell to find a new one)

My boss has bit off more than she could chew and it all blew up in her face and scattered to my desk and another co-workers desk recently. She's a control freak who likes to handle EVERYTHING in a 4 1/2 person job. When people do that what does that mean? SOMETHING ISN'T BEING DONE. So after a lecture from our big boss to my boss, things are starting to run a little smoother. Kinda.

Aside from all the extra work and long hours, we also have a 50 year old part-timer who doesn't do SHIT but TALK, COMPLAIN, LAUGH, LOOK UP KNITTING SHIT, TALK, BOTHER ME FOR A SEC (to make it look like she's working)THEN TALK SOME MORE. UGH!

If I didn't have good hair I swear I would pull it out! Freakin part-timers.. <~~::mumbling:: Just stay home or go back to your fancy house, rich, still got all your 401K husband, and leave the worker slaves be, cause really, your not helping anything. Just making me more angrier actually.. UGH!

Ok, so today's Friday and I took a deep breath. If I had it I'd roll up a phattie, bake my oatmeal raisin bars and call it a nite. BUT instead, I'm off of work early, I cleaned up the crib, bought a bottle of some Batasiolo Moscato D'Asti, a couple Red Box flicks and invited a couple homegurls over to soothe my aching brain. Ya know a couple of laughs, some drinks, and comfy house shoes will always do the trick.

Then invite hubs to soothe something else later. lol

Hey whatever I need to make this the most anti-stress filled weekend I possibly can.


Friday, March 6, 2009

What Are You Watching?

Other than making time to knit for all my winter gifts, and stimulate by reading the next romance- drama- thriller, I also have to make time to get my TV in. Come on now.
Lately, before fall majority of the shows were kinda null, and boring now a whooole slore of shows are on now.. I can't keep up..

All my co-workers are LOST junkies. Now it really is a good show, but if you miss a few seasons, boy do you really get LOST. I tried to catch back on with the little last season review, but still, too LOST.

I still can't get enough of The Office.
I know lately I've been watching re-runds, but it really is a different humor that's HILARIOUS.. and if you really work in a office then you can really under stand some of that get- on - your - nerves crap!

Medium with Paticia Arquette is a pretty good show, I don't think it will last long because the premise is getting kinda old with her waking up every night because she dreamt pieces of a murder in her sleep. BUT its a pretty good show, and what I LOVE about it is she's a little thickie with some curves and she has this handsome tall Aussie/Brit whatever he is husband who is great to her! When do you ever see that on TV!? Usually it's the heavy set, egotistical, rude husband with a super thin housewife.. ex: "According to Jim" or "King of Queens" (which are both great shows, but nice to see an beautiful average working mom, with a hot ass husband!)

Everybody Hates Chris! OMG, can you say so funny! The last episode had me bustin at the seams, only because me and hubs was going through the same thing. I've been on a diet, so that means HE is on a diet, but not by choice.. I just cook less so I don't have more around to eat.. and Chris's mom ( PAM from MARTIN) was doing the same thing.. "Shakes, anyone!?"

HBO's Eastbound & Down is my husband's show that he has me watching while taking up the TV time. It is kinda funny. This dude though is so mean, and RUDE that I get tired of it, but it's written by Will Ferrell, so you know there has to be some laughs in there somewhere.

Now, I know it's silly, but HBO's Flight of the Concord has us rolling.. These English guys do music parodies of their own while tying it to whatever topic their talking about, but the music they do is sooo funny. Sometimes they do R&B like a straight slow jam and its so funny cause it sounds pretty good.. check out what thier about..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crotch Rocket Anyone?

Can you imagine it? It's summer time, the warm air blazes through the vents of your jacket. The sun glistens and sparkles on the shiny chrome. Birds chirping, flying with you in the sky..and gas like $15 a tank!

Yeaaaaaaaaa! I want to buy a bike!!

Well I've always adored motorcycles and crotch rockets, but never really wanted to get one because I didn't want to be selfish to my husband, but WHO CARES! lol

I don't have any kids, the weather is about to look right, and I can save alllooott of money on driving my big ass boat around!.. Ok, I wouldn't like ride everyday to work or anything, it would probably be just for nice days and good times.

I really like Honda Street bikes, Harley's and Choppers are cool, but are not my style. I would want an all black one, then everything I wore would match with it..LOL
(I'm such a girlie girl) I would want a super cool helmet that I would always absolutely wear, and super cool gloves and jacket. I wouldn't do the whole leather looking suite thing unless I was doing some MOTOCROSS! (which that is pretty fun too)

My Dad has a bike, it's chromed & studded out. He added some saddle bags on the side, and a couple sound enhancers. He was in a bike club in Seattle for awhile, but learned after it was like a fraternity for 40 + men he got out. All he wanted to do was ride. Me tooo!!

So hopefully i'll be able to get my big booty on one soon, before responsibility hits and the thrill is gone. I'll make sure to post some crotch rockin pics if so! lol

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