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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crotch Rocket Anyone?

Can you imagine it? It's summer time, the warm air blazes through the vents of your jacket. The sun glistens and sparkles on the shiny chrome. Birds chirping, flying with you in the sky..and gas like $15 a tank!

Yeaaaaaaaaa! I want to buy a bike!!

Well I've always adored motorcycles and crotch rockets, but never really wanted to get one because I didn't want to be selfish to my husband, but WHO CARES! lol

I don't have any kids, the weather is about to look right, and I can save alllooott of money on driving my big ass boat around!.. Ok, I wouldn't like ride everyday to work or anything, it would probably be just for nice days and good times.

I really like Honda Street bikes, Harley's and Choppers are cool, but are not my style. I would want an all black one, then everything I wore would match with it..LOL
(I'm such a girlie girl) I would want a super cool helmet that I would always absolutely wear, and super cool gloves and jacket. I wouldn't do the whole leather looking suite thing unless I was doing some MOTOCROSS! (which that is pretty fun too)

My Dad has a bike, it's chromed & studded out. He added some saddle bags on the side, and a couple sound enhancers. He was in a bike club in Seattle for awhile, but learned after it was like a fraternity for 40 + men he got out. All he wanted to do was ride. Me tooo!!

So hopefully i'll be able to get my big booty on one soon, before responsibility hits and the thrill is gone. I'll make sure to post some crotch rockin pics if so! lol


Bon Don said...

Sexy Momma!!

I love crotch rockets!! Oh and motorcycles too!LOL j/k

Girl you would look hawt!

Scandalous Housewife said...

You know, it's 80 degrees in Dallas today, but I'm sure it'll be 30 in a day or two, so I don't like to get my warm weather fun hopes up until April...

SheBloggs said...

Bon Don: Hahahaa!! I know right!? I love crotch rockets too! That made me laugh. I know I will look HAWT! Maybe after I lose some more weight.. ;0)

Scandalicious: Yea, I know what you mean about warm weather hopes, it still snows here in March.

And 80!? Your only 8 hours away, it was 60 here.. hmph.

Desert Rat said...

When I was a teen I wanted a boyfriend with a crotch rocket, and a black one so I could always match...but I have a kid now.

Just make sure you take a riding class and thank goodness you said you will always wear your helmet nothing on the rode makes me more mad than seeing an idiot on a motorcycle with no helmet.

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