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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat on Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday, and I work in an office with a bunch of diet killers.

I've never seen so much purple, gold and green in one setting. We are in KANSAS mind you, celebrating like we're in the thick of Louisiana. I'm not a party pooper for not celebrating, but putting me through hell trying NOT to rape that massive KING CAKE on the counter isn't exactly what I call... fun.

Have you ever heard of a KING CAKE? I haven't till today.

Did you know there is a freakin baby hidden in that thing.. and if you get it then you have to host the next King Cake/ Fat Tuesday party. I don't know about you but it don't feel right chomping on small babies?

So to get back on my diet, I've brought in... salad.

I ate oatmeal this morning, but it doesn't cut it when it comes to that cake,.. deliciously waiting for me..

and muffins, cupcakes, cheese, crackers and cookies. (whoa look at that all start with a "c")

Well crap.

I hope everyone has a joyous FAT TUESDAY.. faire une fĂȘte.


Scandalous Housewife said...

Is it a nekkid baby?

SheBloggs said...

Scand: Yeeeessss a lil nekkid baby! Platsic and hard..

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Kudos about the salad the idea of getting in shape this year was a good one yet I've done nothing about it.

What a loser.

I mean me. lol

Bon Don said...

When I had that cake last year I didn't get the baby :( Boo.

HI DOLL!! I mailed you at you work email, but I'm not sure you got it.

Anyway I'm back! :) I need to head out to KS and party with you again!

Desert Rat said...

I have heard of the cake and you made me laugh because it is a creepy thought. I want cake so bad now, I've always wanted to celebrate Fat Tuesday...any excuse to eat a bunch of junk all day is a good one!

Jillian said...

ironically i did hear about King Cake from my physical therapy doc she's from Louisiana...that damn baby is small too!

not surprised some people swallow it!

good job on the salad!

dizzblnd said...

I hope you had a great time and didn't gain too much weight.

That kitty on my page died a year ago today. She got out and got hit by a car. :( The new kitty you know about is her reincarnated I SWEAR she is JUST like Bootsie.

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