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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Forget Me Not

Lately over the past years, it feels like I'm being left in my own memories? It kind of started with my best friend, we will have our talks and I'll be like,

ME: "Remember in 9th grade when the rubberbands from your braces kept poppin out of your mouth when you asked me for a piece of Winterfresh?"

BF: "Hell no".

ME: "What!!??" "That was the day we met!" "Freshman year, Mrs. Utt's English class, come on now!"

But..... Remembers?? she doesn't. That's like a freakin sock in the stomach man. So then, I bring up another memory, and she totally fakes it.. "Yeaaaaa, ooookkaaaay." I'm like "You don't remember do you?" "No!" ::chuckles::

My husband is the absoltue worst! Maybe because our memories are more important? (well any memory well kept to me is important) He fakes the funk alot too, and I'm always trying to mention an old memory so he can remember it! Plus it brings it back to life, I loooooooooove re-living a good memory. Makes my heart smile. Well when I do it with him he, gets "rushy, like "yea yea yea". I think he thinks I'm like a spinning reel of obvious rememberances that he already knows and I'm just nagging about them. (Jerk)

Sometimes, he acts like he doesn't remember when he actually does, and that hurts alot. What's the fun in remembering a special moment between the two when your the only one who was there! I found this out when I was telling his sister about it while he was there Thanksgiving dinner.

ME: "Yea Jessica! He doesn't remember our special moments! He leaves me all alone in our special times! ::making him feel sorry::

Jessica: "That's messed uuuuuuuppppp!! Why can't you remember, is it because you don't care?"

Hubs: "Man, whatever! I care, and I remember! I just don't tell her sometimes!"

ME: "WHAT!" "What kind of mean ass game is that! Our memories are special to me!"

Hubs: "I know, but you always be like 'Remember When?' and then take fooorever.."

ME: "Ok,.. then I won't share anything else." Next time you ask where your wallet is you better look on your own!!! (couldn't think of anything else to get back at him)

He recollects now when I mention 'Remember When?' doesn't leave me all by myslef in my mind. I think cause I busted him in public about it.

I'm not the only one alone in my head, here is a lady named Jill Price who wrote a book: The Woman Who Can't Forget She's waaaaay beyond my memory capasity, I would really hate to remember EVERYTHING.. and EVERY detail. Along with the good is always the bad, but somehow I tend to let those memories slip.. sometimes.. =0)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Totally not a Gamer Chick..

but last nite I kicked my husbands ass at Mortal Combat vs DC Universe. Now, my husband is 26, as so am I. We're 5 days apart, but he's apart of that whole "Gamer Nation" as I call it. You know all the Nintendo, XBox, Playstation people. I mean he is a grown ass man yet, I guess it's still ok for him (at his age) to still play these teenie-bopper video games? Well you know I'm not into gaming when I still call everything Nintendo lol.

I don't have anything against it, he does like it, and it keeps him at home. It's just funny when he's on the phone persuading my lil brother (whose to mention 24) to come over so he can open a can of whoop ass on him at Madden. (Ugh.. losers lol)

The other day he bought this game home, and back in the day when I played for a few seconds with my brother I used to love playing fighting, karate, ninja games..ONLY because it was ssooo easy to win. All I would do is just push buttons all around. I didn't know Back Back, Forward UP, and all that mumbo jumbo. I think that part of my brain takes longer to register that crap, plus why do that if you can just smash a whole bunch of buttons around to get the job done!? lol

So, it was quite pleasing to win last night. I think we stayed up until 3AM, he was attempting to do all these fatality moves, and I was just pulling crap out of a hat, and whoopin his ass! It was great. All little different, but really it was quality time .. well spent.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I've Been TAGGED

you get to send it to only 5 PPL ONLY NOT ALL OF THE blogger that wanna do it!
rule number two just write don't keep anything inside!!
rule number three HAVE FUN!!


TOPIC: pick a person ONE PERSON that we all know which is A BLOGGER THAT BLOGS!! IN BLOGGER OR WORDPRESS!! only one!! and describe that person and tell her/him some stuff that you like about them and if there are any negative points then say them too!! and write the name!! "


Dizzblnd: Your just a cool Blogger. Funny, Witty, and EXTREMELY helpful!<3 If it's something unique, or awkwardly interesting it's usually posted for our enjoyment. Some others might be reserved, which is ok BUT your open and communicative and always have something to funny to offer. Your probably making someone a great friend, as well as something great to blog about, of course! =0) Cherrio!

I'm Tagging:

Just Another Stupid Blog

The Water Bottle

World of Poot

Hey it's never a bad thing to express some goodness to some wonderful bloggers!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

It's Christmas time, and this year I think I've been a little both naughty and a little nice too. When your married it kinda lines up that way sometimes..lol

Well this year I asked my husband for a couple thangs. Now, I'm usually the lovie dovie over the hill romantic type and would rather have him think of something on his own, MAKE something sweet, or even set something up...whatever. But, he can't seem to get that down all the way yet, so he keeps asking me. What's the fun in that if you already know what your getting? So.. I'm totally not jump on the bandwagon type (I'm alot of "types" today) but I've been eyeing the Kindle's from amazon.com I did like the rest of the over stimulated population saw it on Oprah, and I didn't even know these things existed and here I am carrying 8 books smashed in my book bag that I take everywhere. I carry mine and my husbands books! So I thought that would be wonderful. Unfortunately, it looks as if there is a waiting list for it. So.. probably won't get it this year, but it totally rocks. It is a pretty penny, but the books are like $9.00 or less, cause your savin paper. Dude. I'm all about being green.

Other than that, I think I might ask him to get his "naughty" on and make me some romantic coupons or something. That I can use any time, but he has to make up what they are? Thats a great gift, but I hope it isn't what he likes, like a coupon to go play basketball. Nah, he wouldn't do me that bad..lol I just got a perm, and LAWD knows I can't sweat out no fresh perm! =0)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On A Happier Note

Lately I've been watching all this hooplah about Britney Spears. I guess.. she's BACK!

I haven't really been a fan, she's not the type of music I listen too, cause I can't get into her nasal passage singing.. BUT she can dance her ass off though. So I can giver her props there. And I do love a good dancer.

I do feel for the girl.. she's had a shitty few years, but a couple babies, and a tredmill and she's back and ready to go!

The poparazi and the smut magz did her and her weaves soo bad, but now she's lookin pretty hot again. I was watching the MTV's : Britney- For the Record, and she does seem a lil reserved and unhappy, but maybe that's how they wanted her to seem?

Either way.. no woman needed to be treated the way she was. It does all lie in the choices we make, and alot (me included) don't seem to always make the right ones.

Hopefully this time she can stay on top..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dilemma of the Heart

For the past week I've been helping a close girlfriend of mine get through a horrendous time in her life. She's been dating this guy since August.

She loves him.. he said he loved her. So he moved in with her after leaving his ex-wife. They have fun, take trips, have great sex, get tattoos of each other..

She says he is her absolute soul mate. Satisfies the mind and the body.

I had the opportunity of meeting him a few times. My stomach said something different, but my heart wanted to feel all happiness for my friend. So I did.

The days went by, everyday life settled in, and the love well ran dry.

First call was like.. "I had to take down, (pics) and get rid of all my guy friends, and no more playing volley-ball, guys are there and he'll get jealous."


"We're getting married in January, and I'm trying to have his baby. He loves me so much!"


"We had an argument last night.. he tricked me into saying something I didn't want to say, and he said he'll leave me, that I'm an ugly bitch, and a bad mother".. e.t.c


"I didn't wake him up in time, and iron his clothes, so he was mad, he was gonna throw a bowl of cereal at my face!"

This was just the beginning. After many attempts of explaining that this was not the "one", and that she was being controlled & abused she finally reached out. He was still talking to his ex-wife on a regular basis. My friend called and retrieved some information on him... he was nothing like he ever built the image to be.

Per the advice of the ex, she submitted for a restraining order.

Under a restraining order you must not talk, or have any type of communication whatsoever. Well, her heart failed her and she broke it. She called him and wanted
to talk about why she did it. (because she was scared for her and her child)

An abuser can be a great manipulator. She told him everything, how she had been talking to this ex. He told her everything that the ex said was a lie. The psychopath mind of an abuser switched back on to the lover side and convinced her that everything everybody has told her was a lie, and that he was the best thing in her life, and that he would come back ONLY.. under some circumstances:

1) She write a letter to the court office annulling the restraining order by saying she was on drugs and reported false information
2) She write a letter to her family saying she was on drugs and that everything was a lie and that she emotionally hurt him and abused her own daughter.

Absolute control.

She said no.

He put it on her again.. they met up. Her heart once again failed, and she gave in and now they're back together.

After changed locks, court documents, fights with the ex-husband, relocation and ridicule from family and friends..

She let him win again. How come the urge of love is so strong that no matter what kind of shit its made up as, they will still take abusers back?

Fucking ridiculous.

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