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Friday, December 5, 2008

I've Been TAGGED

you get to send it to only 5 PPL ONLY NOT ALL OF THE blogger that wanna do it!
rule number two just write don't keep anything inside!!
rule number three HAVE FUN!!


TOPIC: pick a person ONE PERSON that we all know which is A BLOGGER THAT BLOGS!! IN BLOGGER OR WORDPRESS!! only one!! and describe that person and tell her/him some stuff that you like about them and if there are any negative points then say them too!! and write the name!! "


Dizzblnd: Your just a cool Blogger. Funny, Witty, and EXTREMELY helpful!<3 If it's something unique, or awkwardly interesting it's usually posted for our enjoyment. Some others might be reserved, which is ok BUT your open and communicative and always have something to funny to offer. Your probably making someone a great friend, as well as something great to blog about, of course! =0) Cherrio!

I'm Tagging:

Just Another Stupid Blog

The Water Bottle

World of Poot

Hey it's never a bad thing to express some goodness to some wonderful bloggers!

Have a great weekend!


acute_disaster said...

Thank you!

Hmm, I've never done a tag blog before...

I'm going to try it.

And you can bet your bottom dollar you'll be featured in it!



dizzblnd said...

Thank you for the kind words and for tagging me! I will get a chance tomorrow to tag someone else.. I have 2 people that have tagged me now.

I will give you love in my posts as well

Missy said...

Thanks, I'll do mine tomorrow.

acute_disaster said...

You've been TAGGED!


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