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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

It's Christmas time, and this year I think I've been a little both naughty and a little nice too. When your married it kinda lines up that way sometimes..lol

Well this year I asked my husband for a couple thangs. Now, I'm usually the lovie dovie over the hill romantic type and would rather have him think of something on his own, MAKE something sweet, or even set something up...whatever. But, he can't seem to get that down all the way yet, so he keeps asking me. What's the fun in that if you already know what your getting? So.. I'm totally not jump on the bandwagon type (I'm alot of "types" today) but I've been eyeing the Kindle's from amazon.com I did like the rest of the over stimulated population saw it on Oprah, and I didn't even know these things existed and here I am carrying 8 books smashed in my book bag that I take everywhere. I carry mine and my husbands books! So I thought that would be wonderful. Unfortunately, it looks as if there is a waiting list for it. So.. probably won't get it this year, but it totally rocks. It is a pretty penny, but the books are like $9.00 or less, cause your savin paper. Dude. I'm all about being green.

Other than that, I think I might ask him to get his "naughty" on and make me some romantic coupons or something. That I can use any time, but he has to make up what they are? Thats a great gift, but I hope it isn't what he likes, like a coupon to go play basketball. Nah, he wouldn't do me that bad..lol I just got a perm, and LAWD knows I can't sweat out no fresh perm! =0)


acute_disaster said...

That Kindle thing is so cool!

I've been hearing a lot about it recently.

I hope you get it.


Errant said...

nice n naughty ! what every guy is asking for :)

good choices .. wud be excited much for the poem .. post it here plz when u get it :)

Scandalous Housewife said...

I just read that the Kindle thing-y went ballistic after Oprah & there won't be any available until mid February. Dahhh-yumm.

Errant said...


dizzblnd said...

That is AMAZING! I want one. Well if nothing else.. I hope you get your naughty on!! LOL

SheBloggs said...

Acute: Isn't cool! I hope I do sometime soon!

Errant: Yea he gives me anything lovie dovie then you'll be the first to see it..lol

Scandalous Housewife: Thats how I saw it on Oprah. I mean she has the freakin power to sell anything crazy like that! and mid Febuary! =0( Thats okay, bout time they get it selling again something newer and better will be availble. =0/

Dizz: I hope I get my naughty on too!! As always. lol

and Errant.. I'm so taggalicous. I'll be doing your TAG here shortly. <3

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