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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On A Happier Note

Lately I've been watching all this hooplah about Britney Spears. I guess.. she's BACK!

I haven't really been a fan, she's not the type of music I listen too, cause I can't get into her nasal passage singing.. BUT she can dance her ass off though. So I can giver her props there. And I do love a good dancer.

I do feel for the girl.. she's had a shitty few years, but a couple babies, and a tredmill and she's back and ready to go!

The poparazi and the smut magz did her and her weaves soo bad, but now she's lookin pretty hot again. I was watching the MTV's : Britney- For the Record, and she does seem a lil reserved and unhappy, but maybe that's how they wanted her to seem?

Either way.. no woman needed to be treated the way she was. It does all lie in the choices we make, and alot (me included) don't seem to always make the right ones.

Hopefully this time she can stay on top..


dizzblnd said...

I don't care much at all about celebrity gossip crap. They do nothing for me, why should I give a damn about who the screw or what they put up their nose....lol

On a good note.. you are finally fixed! You show in my blogroll when you update and clicking on you name works!! WOOOOOHOOOO

SheBloggs said...

Yea!!!! I know I worked on it last night!! I did it through FeedBurner? So it doesn't look like my actual blog when you click on my name, but whatever, it took me damn near 2 hours! (I swear I'm not that computer illiterate) I did use your page as my guinea pig, so if your page views went up by 30 it was because of me..LOL

Thanks for your help though!<3

dizzblnd said...

lol!! GREAT JOB!! I KNEW you could do it.. and yes they did go up a LOT that's ok though.. I am just glad to see that iyts fixed. Hopefully it will bring you more followers now!

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