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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lazy Night Time Lover

Okay, so my husband has fully evolved himself into the "this is the way I like it, so deal with it" attitude. We have our weekly random fight over Night time vs. Morning time.

I like to do the dew in the night... makes sense, it's the end of the day, it was stressful, your already tired, now lets relax, kick one off and have some good sleep. Well that's not what he thinks. It's really the total opposite. He's tired, doesn't want to do anything but crash, be fully rested in the morning and kick one off to be ready for his stressful day. Now don't get me wrong mornings aren't bad, but we have to switch it up here a little bit.

Plus I like to workout in the morning.... early...outside. Sure I mean, that can be a workout but not everyday, plus webmd.com says that in 30 minutes you can burn 85 calories or more. Sorry but working out burns WAY more. Although 42 half hour sessions will burn 3,570 calories which is enough to lose a lb. But who has time to crank it out 42 times before they go to work? ;o) So.. I guess that is a positive. However though, afterwards I'm like a floating mess in lala land that needs to crash immediately. Now that isn't the mood I want to be in for the morning.

So still we debate. He says he'll plan to wow me after work, but thats if he makes it before he starts snoring or not. I pointed this issue out with my girlfriend and she said she has the same issue. She even gets the occasional "Good Morning" pokes as her notification. I'm like is this a guy thing or what? Have I been living under a rock somewhere? I want to think it differs from guy to guy though. I went to askmen.com and it said that men developed nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) which causes a man to have 3-5 erections as he sleeps. Which severely entices the mood for the morning. Okay.. so I guess I knew that much...but it still doesn't explain the repetition of it all.

I guess I will charge it to marital bliss. I'm not starved so I'm not complaining, when it gets to that level I will be on the phone with the next marriage counselor. But for now I'll cherish our special mornings and keep my appreciation for the special nights. They do sparkle when we do have them though.

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