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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Catching Up..

The most DELIGHTFUL Islandbaby, over at Just My Opinion tagged me for the interesting Tag questions of 8. She was nice enough to tag me, plus I don't have any ravin' cool blogger news going on with me... EVER. So, I thought this would do just fine for today... Thanks again lady <3

8 Things you are looking forward to:

* Visiting ATL for the first time
* Turning 27, actually
* Moving down the street
* Becoming a Mommy <3
* Swimming this summer
* Saving a whole buncha money
* Owning my own business
* Keeping a good out look on life

8 things you did yesterday:

* Spent a whole 8 hrs at a team building function w/ my co-workers outside of work
* Took a 2nd shower when I got home cause I couldn't rest & settle
* Finished knitting a 2nd panel of a cabled blanket
* Babied the hubs cause he fell and bopped his head on the concrete while playing basket-ball
* Chatted with the bf for 2 hours
* Got on the scale, haven't gained anymore weight! yess!
* Ate left overs
* Played with the dog

8 things you wish you could do:

* Play the piano, guitar
* Live without working.. ugh!
* Buy and ride a motorcycle..
* Travel, not the world but close to it
* Grow my hair down my back..lol It's been shoulder length forever!!
* Eat whatever I want, all the time!
* Make it to where my house was magically cleaned every time I came home
* Be happy just the way I am

8 shows you watch:

* Good Morning America
* Medium
* Dancing with the Stars
* Anything on Food Network
* Survivor Man
* Everybody Hates Chris
* MARTIN Re-runs

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

O Granny..

I've been thinkin..

I haven't talked to my granny in like 5 months.. I'm surly gonna burn in hell.
I don't know about you but I don't keep in touch with distant relatives. Does that make me narcissistic asshole? To tell you the truth, I really have a reason why I don't call my grandma. The Dr. prescribed her Zoloft because she moved away from majority of her children and was severely going through empty-nest syndrome. During that time I called for sure but when we talked she would crryyyyy and cryyyy, and talk about her hypochondriac ailments.

Like, I'm dying.. did you know that? lol I'm like DAMN Grandma, can you make me anymore sad. So I chalked it up as she was crazy, but when I talked to her for her birthday she was good. Some people just get really sad and say crazy things sometimes. (lol)

I barely talk to my parents. Sometimes though they kidnap me on the phone conference style at work. Talk about embarrassing. I'm like Hi Mom, Hello Dad.. they're both like, "Hello Daughter!!" We thought we'd steal ya for a second before ya go to lunch. (Why wouldn't they harass me on my lunch, in my car, instead for the whole office to hear my moms new lemon grass drink diet plan, and my bowel movements)

Please note. I'm really thankful but maybe something happened to me when I was younger? I don't know.. I better get my act together though before I end up like a reverse of that "Cats in the Cradle" song by Harry Chapin. I'll have kids, and they're not gonna wanna talk to me anymore? Shit.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cupcakes and Deer

Wonderful Gabby at Gabby, she wrote tagged me for the coolest and oddest lookin tag ever: Since her blog is just as Deer, I have no problem excepting this cool tag award. Cupcake tag award rather..

Rules: respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one other question.

What is your current obsession?:
Capitalizing. I want to capitalize everything in a sentence. and using a million continuation dots..........................................................

What are you wearing now?:
Work clothes... ACTUALLY we could dress down all this week, so blackwash jeans with cool button pockets in the back, black polkadotte button cami, and black under-tank

Do you nap a lot?:
I don't make an effort too, sometimes it just happens while watching TV..

What would you like to learn to do?

Have multiple orgazims that last for 20 minutes each.

What's for dinner?:
Tonight is breakfast for dinner. Maple sausage n gravey bisquits, eggs, fruit, and oj.

What's one of your favorite movies?
Forest Gump.. it just is.

What's one thing you're looking forward to?:
SUMMER.. things are just happier. Going home at 5:00pm. Sat & Sun. The future with kiddo's.

Who was your childhood crush?:
BRAD PITT, Patrick Swayze in Point Break , Jon B. and Omar Epps

If you were to pick up a pen, what's the first thing you'd write?:
Graphitti style my name..

What would you like to get rid of?
Growing old. Basketball players on TV are younger than me! WTF happened?

What in life are you waiting on?
My period. All this damn muff slick-ness.. and it hasn't came yet! Shit!

Now tag 5 blogger peeps:

1. Starzgazer Here I Come

2. The Rambeling Diva at C'est What??

3. Jewels at Bitchfest!

4. Chrystina at Faith, Trust & Pixie

5. Desert Rat at Runaway Train

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Used to my New Snatch..

Sorry to be so damn blunt..

but I'm not very privy to the priveldge of the pussy..

In other words: I FINALLY got a girlie girl shape up. Not like what you think, and no it didn't involve wax. I rather not bleed through my panties to mirror a 12 year old girl. No matter how much grown up pedofile men like it. lol

I just decided to free myself from the liberated 1970's woman's movement and really "mow the lawn" so to speak. I guess my husband has had his last teeth flossing and jungle safari. He said.. "Hey woman!, it's a jungle down here!" lol

My girlfriends get brazilian's all the time, when they ask me, I just laugh and put my fist in the air. Hence, staying dedicated to my afro look. This time though, my husband brought me a cool neato gadet. A intamte lady shaver... I LOVE IT! It's like girlie pink clippers for that area, you can even do designs! Except, that's pretty creepy.. I've been using it and was afraid if I went to close it would cause a new hair growth itching party in my pants, but IT HASN'T! Yesssss!!!

I say that because when I was in the 5th grade that happened. I shaved it clean off. Hair started to grow back and I was clawing at my coo coo like it was a spawn of satan. So.. I never did it again.. bare-ly.

Now I'm dancing, floating and fancy freeeee... (picture a tampax commercial, that's me) So if you don't like your BUSH (not the politician), then try out a new cool fun shaver.

O YEA.. here is the cool shaver.

Friday, May 1, 2009

To you 2009 GRADUATES out there

I usually don't ever have anything too exciting to do over the weekend except tend to my dawggie and husband, but this weekend we're taking a small family road trip to his home town for his lil' sister's high school graduation. He's from Junction City, KS. I know that doesn't mean much to you big cities out there, but it's a small humble military town based on Fort Riley. The cool thing about traveling to his home town is... it's 2 hours away. Yess!!

I know there's alot of high school graduations this year that many people are tending too, like Soggy Bloggy and her daughter The Water Bottle.. =0) Those are blogs btw. My boss's youngest nephew are graduating and suppose to be my little cousin also but he hasn't decided if wants to leave high school yet or not, so we're still working on him.

I don't have anything important to say about starting your life, but all I know it involves alot of thinking. So be ready to use some parts of your brain that normally don't come into play till' around this time. If you go away to school, keep active, stay happy and remember to have fun. School is serious, but not THAT serious. If your not doing the school thing, then start doing SOMETHING. Starting off being a LOAF isn't very life fulfilling. And when you start that something, make it into what makes you happy. Find zeal in doing what you love. If you can turn that into money, then hell: so be it.

2001 I graduated from High school... when did you all?

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