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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Used to my New Snatch..

Sorry to be so damn blunt..

but I'm not very privy to the priveldge of the pussy..

In other words: I FINALLY got a girlie girl shape up. Not like what you think, and no it didn't involve wax. I rather not bleed through my panties to mirror a 12 year old girl. No matter how much grown up pedofile men like it. lol

I just decided to free myself from the liberated 1970's woman's movement and really "mow the lawn" so to speak. I guess my husband has had his last teeth flossing and jungle safari. He said.. "Hey woman!, it's a jungle down here!" lol

My girlfriends get brazilian's all the time, when they ask me, I just laugh and put my fist in the air. Hence, staying dedicated to my afro look. This time though, my husband brought me a cool neato gadet. A intamte lady shaver... I LOVE IT! It's like girlie pink clippers for that area, you can even do designs! Except, that's pretty creepy.. I've been using it and was afraid if I went to close it would cause a new hair growth itching party in my pants, but IT HASN'T! Yesssss!!!

I say that because when I was in the 5th grade that happened. I shaved it clean off. Hair started to grow back and I was clawing at my coo coo like it was a spawn of satan. So.. I never did it again.. bare-ly.

Now I'm dancing, floating and fancy freeeee... (picture a tampax commercial, that's me) So if you don't like your BUSH (not the politician), then try out a new cool fun shaver.

O YEA.. here is the cool shaver.


Mich said...

what about a "hawaiian" wax? they leave a bit so you dont look like a 12 year old girl but its super cleaned up!

and way easier to maintain! its AWESOME for going on beach vacations!

Jillian said...

we hawaiians have our own type of waxing? wow lol

um what is this shaver you speak of?....link...picture...please..(OF THE SHAVER THAT IS)


thought of hot wax in that area no bueno...

Gabby said...

This made me laugh! Glad you like your new "look"! lol

Islandbaby said...

So hilarious!!! I have something to confess.... I use my Ex's clippers to groom down there! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Whatever, don't judge! At least I clean them afterwards! I thought this was a "safe" space, now I'm feeling all judged!

dizzblnd said...

My hubby is tired of fighting monkeys and flossing too.. I just might have to try it. Thanks for the hilarious review!

Gabby said...

I tagged you in my blog, lady :)

Desert Rat said...

so funny and yet informative!

I've been using Veet cream for years because it doesn't burn and leaves me looking almost exactly like a 12 year old girl.

ShesGottaHaveIt said...

Wow, I love your bluntness! LOL @ teeth flossing. I know someone who knows that all to well. Definitely not a fan of doing all that work to take it off.

I might have to look up this new gadget of yours. I'd be afraid of cutting too close, too =/

StarzGazR said...


i def dont wanna look like a 12 yr old but i'd like him to floss only with dental floss lol.. and i've never heard of this hawaiin wax ladies-- thanks for the info..

and also... i'd like to know about this shaver as well... PASS ON THE KNOWLEDGE!!

Scandalous Housewife said...

Yessssss! Welcome to the manicured lawn and topiary society!
And I agree with you about the Brazilian: We are WOMEN, not little school girls.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Pedofiles must love my cooter.

I'm shaved all the way... I'll blame it on the goose! No I'm kidding.. I'll blame it on the fact that I live in Miami and wear a bathing suit ummmm every weekend?

Sooo what does your hubby think of your new do?


SheBloggs said...

Mich: Hawaiian? I'll try it if it doesn't hurt...=0( lol

Jilly: I posted the shaver at the bottom AND linked it! Prob coolers ones out there, but hey I'm new to this remember? LOL and I don't think nobody wants to see my beaver on my blogg .. HAHA!

Gabs: Thanks about my "look" and the tagg!

Islandbabe: You use ur ex's clippers! haha! I once though of using my hubs, but they're super heavy duty and one sharp zag on my twat and I'm a goner. For life. lol

Pattycakes: You have fighting monkeys in your jungle too!!? lol

Desert Rat: Veet cream eh? Now I have negro hairs, mine arent silky fine or anything..lol

She's Gotta: I was afraid of cutting too close too, I'm afraid of growing back baby hairs, they are EVIL!!!!!! and itchy.

Star: Posted to the blog! I love it!

Scandy: I like a lil strip er something..I don't want my hubs TOO happy down there.. haha

That GurL: Nothing wrong with a bare cocha! LOL If I had to wear a bathing suite all the time, instead of folding the hairs inside the bikini bottom ( like I do) then I would prob go 12 year old too. He likes it! He said he enjoys not being interuppted by the occasional stray hair.. LOL

What have I been doing all this time!? Ugh!

Betty said...

Hmmm... I'm hmmming because it looks as though there still might be a bit of pain involved. Since my last run in with wax in which I did myself I've stayed far away from the cleaned up look. I have a helmet of locks that I'm proud to display. Yes those on the beach fear me but they usually move leaving me more room to spread out.

erika said...

Hey babe loved your blogg Had me rollin!!! But hey dont want to be the only hater in this area especailly for y first post... but I say NO 2 the fro in my area!!! I take it all off!!! You think your significant other wants to lick it if he gets poked in the face with a friggin beaver bush everytime he comes within 2 inches away! Lets face it Beavers ARE NOT SEXY... and YES the clean, fresh, panochas ARE, now Im not totaly into the designs yet but I feel totally sexy and turn MYSELF on when I have nothing down there... and its cleaner!!! Personally Brazilians are my fav... I get them done once evey couple of months for 75.00 at a salon in Leawood. It doesnt hurt after the first few times you get it done and theres absolutely no itching involved like shaving ugh so if you can afford it DO IT! I promise you will def get more head lol I DO!

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