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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

O Granny..

I've been thinkin..

I haven't talked to my granny in like 5 months.. I'm surly gonna burn in hell.
I don't know about you but I don't keep in touch with distant relatives. Does that make me narcissistic asshole? To tell you the truth, I really have a reason why I don't call my grandma. The Dr. prescribed her Zoloft because she moved away from majority of her children and was severely going through empty-nest syndrome. During that time I called for sure but when we talked she would crryyyyy and cryyyy, and talk about her hypochondriac ailments.

Like, I'm dying.. did you know that? lol I'm like DAMN Grandma, can you make me anymore sad. So I chalked it up as she was crazy, but when I talked to her for her birthday she was good. Some people just get really sad and say crazy things sometimes. (lol)

I barely talk to my parents. Sometimes though they kidnap me on the phone conference style at work. Talk about embarrassing. I'm like Hi Mom, Hello Dad.. they're both like, "Hello Daughter!!" We thought we'd steal ya for a second before ya go to lunch. (Why wouldn't they harass me on my lunch, in my car, instead for the whole office to hear my moms new lemon grass drink diet plan, and my bowel movements)

Please note. I'm really thankful but maybe something happened to me when I was younger? I don't know.. I better get my act together though before I end up like a reverse of that "Cats in the Cradle" song by Harry Chapin. I'll have kids, and they're not gonna wanna talk to me anymore? Shit.


Islandbaby said...

I know that we are supposed to love and adore our relatives, but oftentimes I find myself not having anything in common with those mofos. So, I sit on the phone for at least 15 stressful minutes trying to think up things to say. It is just too much!!! I've actually started texting and emailing it is a lot less painless!!!

mrs. mary mack said...

Call your mom and Dad at least once a week. Now about grandma- my mom does the "depress me as much as you possibly can" bit sometimes. I've learned to put the phone on speaker and finish whatever I'm doing until she finishes her rants.

Bon Don said...

I say you should stay in touch with your family no matter how painful it is, enjoy (or at least try to enjoy) the little time we all have left with everyone we love.

Gabby said...

I am in the same boat. I haven't spoken to my paternal grandma since Christmas (YIKES I am horrible). It's so stressful! But I know I'll regret not taking the time later...

Desert Rat said...

OH I know what you mean I HATE talking to oldies on the phone who just cry and complain...and I'm thinking...we're all going to die and I could die before you so knock it off...I'm not that mean but I think it.

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