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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No Punching Allowed- While Cleaning the House

Husband's and wives have spats right?

Some spats seems more difficult that others, but some couples seem to just iron it over in no time and are all kisses the next.

Well I've been married for a little over a year now, and my husband is a great guy. Grown up in the christian faith,
well loving, strong in stature, easy on the eyes so to speak..unfortunately with all that greatness he can be such a hormonal baby! While he was putting the dishes in the dishwasher and cleaning the kitchen (yes, what a great man to do the whole kitchen) I saw a dirty glass sitting on the counter, and I asked him, "that could fit in there?" (very nicely I might add) He said, "No, I'll just leave it in the sink." Well my resourceful and tidy nature kicked in and I started to make space in the dishwasher. (which there was plenty of) So he see me, and jumps a flipping fit!! He said "What in the beep beep are you doing!?" Now he never talks to me in that manner... I said "I'm just making space!" He angered out " Well if you want to move everything around then you just clean up the kitchen!"

I was shocked, startled and pretty damn pissed none the less. We spat back and forth, me of course defending my side. He then brings out the vacuum, and thinks he's going to start cleaning up the living room while totally abandoning the kitchen. Then I forcefully bring to his attention while snatching the plug from the wall: YOU CAN'T START VACUUMING WITHOUT PICKING UP THE FLOOR FIRST.. now.. I'm hot right now, because how he originally treated me..

So..this is where I practically blow my top like a tea kettle!

He grunts folds his arms just like a little kid and falls in the chair.. ok. now.. we have to get his house clean, and I need help, especially since it was ALL HIS MESS.. (all, always & every aren't the words we're suppose to use in our pre-marriage counseling sessions..)

I tumble over and I start pulling him.. "Hey! Come on!, he starts playfully smiling, I get angrier. So I start with a jab here and I punch there.. ((he laughs)) .. then I grab his arm, and then the windmill in me come out and I'm just whaling while through the grit in my teeth saying " you ::better ::: clean::: the::: kitchen::: I'm:: always nice:::to you::: and :: you:: are::: treating:::: me::: like crap!::: And I rip his Haynes tank.

Quietly he sits on the floor in front of the TV. I pick up the handful of clothes I dropped, and bits of paper I previously picked up.. and go into the bedroom and wash my hair..

He didn't speak to me the whole night..

I apologized until the cows came home..still... 1st year married... 1st time happening. Nothing.

I felt terrible....I felt like I really wasn't "hitting" him.. just mad.. but he felt like reverse abuse or something.
It was all humorous, but this can go to show how something can turn... kinda bad. Ladies & wives..
don't hit your boyfriends and husbands.. He doesn't ever hit me, so I should respect him in the same manner.
Even if it's all in a jokingly way. I think he just wanted to blow up something to get majorly mad at. We've made up, the next day was glorious. I cooked him breakfast, and showered him with love....

Even though he's a sour puss baby and all.. I'll know next time to keep my hands to myself.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cancer Sucks

I know we've all seen it.. the ladies walking around with "cancer sucks" T-shirt and buttons. Never really knowing if it's the people themselves who have it, or jus the supporters joing for a cause?

Well... when I go to work everyday I have the prievledge to see and meet people who are steadingly fighting for thier lives as we speak. This is my exspriece of a non-cancer person standing outside looking in.. and it hurts.

One of mention is a lady named Kelly. She was very vibrant and active, short stature of a woman who was so fun, and always there for the event. You know the ones when your friends asked you to come. "Jessica's having a birthday party, I want you to be there" Sure thing.. and Kelly's there. Kinda like me.. I'm honored when someone asks me.. We were never close, just aquantences, where we respected eachother's personalities: sweetheart to sweetheart. Well lately over years, I'd see her in the elevator or wave hello while she's comming in and I've noticed the life is missing. Her face is not the same, the eyebrows, eye lashes, make-up is gone. She wears a scarf over her head, which was once full & lusterous hair. I feel down because I know what's going on, like words unspoken. When in actuallity I want to just hug her and squeeze her and tell her everything will be ok.. but somehow she knows it won't.

Another morning when I saw her comming in, I said "Hi Kelly, how are you doing?" Exspecting a "fine" or brushed off "good". Instead she said "just trying to make it" ... that was left with me all day. I wrennch and scorn to days end, complain about a headache or two and here she is compeating with life. I never really felt any kind of particaular way about cancer and death as I did that day. It was never so close to home as it was for me that day at work.

I know her days are ending shortly, as a close friend told me last week. As she pushes on.. I also push on for cancer inflicted, and the cancer survivors. Sometimes it's just heartfelt enough to be aware and not to be afriad of the sick as they try to make in to work and still strive for the next day...sometimes all they want is to know you still care..

We met again one morning, walking side my side on the sidewalk.. I told her she looked beautiful. For the first time in awhile I saw her crows feet crinkle, and the corners of her smile turn up. And I gave her a hug. Tomorrow she could be gone, but for today she knows that somebodys still cares.

Friday, September 26, 2008

On Pins & Needles


I must have to say I've been addicted to watching Project Runway the 5th season.

I remember the talk shows and press talking about this show; making a big hype about it but I thought it was just another celebrity couch potato game show. BUT... somehow I was fooled. This how has alot of creativity on demand! I think the inner designer that I never knew I had (lol) wants to come out and cut up some fabric! Pronto.

Last night's episode was quite tricky. The designers had to design for each other while incorporating a music theme pre-choosen for them. My favorite music-fashion re-vamp was Kenly!

She's a little stuck-upish in her own 50's style, BUT WOW, who knew she could be so smokin hot. Not to say she should dress like this everyday, but a switch up every now again wouldn't be too impossible? I kinda pin holed her in that 50's look, and it really set her apart too much but hey.. to each it's own right?

Hands down.. outside of Jerell... I think Korto is my fav. Ahh the compulsion of fashion.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blogg Nation.

Sorry. I like using "Blog" with two g's. Not that I'm totally illiterate or anything, I just felt the other g felt lonely.

Well I'm quite new to this, all my friends do it, so I thought I'd jump off the bridge as well. I had to look up the definition of "Blog" and it said, wiki preferred:

A blog (a contraction of the term "Web log") is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual [1], with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

So I thought to myself, hey? This is an online journal, but not really. Because who wants to read someones deep personal thoughts in depth everyday? Maybe I'm wrong.

Many of my friends use Myspace, but to tell you the truth I don't ever want to read those? Some are just like," I took my kids to school, and went to the Doctor, then decided to have ice cream at Sheridan's". Great. Somehow though, this blogger site seems more entertaining with funny witty people. Now all I need is some great material right? Is that how it works? You don't want to come off as a boring blogger.

Well I'll wait it off till tonight, I'll have some great TV watching, some knitting, and dinner with my quack job of a husband... that I love so dearly.. (see you have to make up for those snikkers, he could be reading..)

Blogg ya later ...

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