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Friday, September 26, 2008

On Pins & Needles


I must have to say I've been addicted to watching Project Runway the 5th season.

I remember the talk shows and press talking about this show; making a big hype about it but I thought it was just another celebrity couch potato game show. BUT... somehow I was fooled. This how has alot of creativity on demand! I think the inner designer that I never knew I had (lol) wants to come out and cut up some fabric! Pronto.

Last night's episode was quite tricky. The designers had to design for each other while incorporating a music theme pre-choosen for them. My favorite music-fashion re-vamp was Kenly!

She's a little stuck-upish in her own 50's style, BUT WOW, who knew she could be so smokin hot. Not to say she should dress like this everyday, but a switch up every now again wouldn't be too impossible? I kinda pin holed her in that 50's look, and it really set her apart too much but hey.. to each it's own right?

Hands down.. outside of Jerell... I think Korto is my fav. Ahh the compulsion of fashion.


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