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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Forget Me Not

Lately over the past years, it feels like I'm being left in my own memories? It kind of started with my best friend, we will have our talks and I'll be like,

ME: "Remember in 9th grade when the rubberbands from your braces kept poppin out of your mouth when you asked me for a piece of Winterfresh?"

BF: "Hell no".

ME: "What!!??" "That was the day we met!" "Freshman year, Mrs. Utt's English class, come on now!"

But..... Remembers?? she doesn't. That's like a freakin sock in the stomach man. So then, I bring up another memory, and she totally fakes it.. "Yeaaaaa, ooookkaaaay." I'm like "You don't remember do you?" "No!" ::chuckles::

My husband is the absoltue worst! Maybe because our memories are more important? (well any memory well kept to me is important) He fakes the funk alot too, and I'm always trying to mention an old memory so he can remember it! Plus it brings it back to life, I loooooooooove re-living a good memory. Makes my heart smile. Well when I do it with him he, gets "rushy, like "yea yea yea". I think he thinks I'm like a spinning reel of obvious rememberances that he already knows and I'm just nagging about them. (Jerk)

Sometimes, he acts like he doesn't remember when he actually does, and that hurts alot. What's the fun in remembering a special moment between the two when your the only one who was there! I found this out when I was telling his sister about it while he was there Thanksgiving dinner.

ME: "Yea Jessica! He doesn't remember our special moments! He leaves me all alone in our special times! ::making him feel sorry::

Jessica: "That's messed uuuuuuuppppp!! Why can't you remember, is it because you don't care?"

Hubs: "Man, whatever! I care, and I remember! I just don't tell her sometimes!"

ME: "WHAT!" "What kind of mean ass game is that! Our memories are special to me!"

Hubs: "I know, but you always be like 'Remember When?' and then take fooorever.."

ME: "Ok,.. then I won't share anything else." Next time you ask where your wallet is you better look on your own!!! (couldn't think of anything else to get back at him)

He recollects now when I mention 'Remember When?' doesn't leave me all by myslef in my mind. I think cause I busted him in public about it.

I'm not the only one alone in my head, here is a lady named Jill Price who wrote a book: The Woman Who Can't Forget She's waaaaay beyond my memory capasity, I would really hate to remember EVERYTHING.. and EVERY detail. Along with the good is always the bad, but somehow I tend to let those memories slip.. sometimes.. =0)


Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

OMG I AM THE SAME WAY! I remember everything!

dizzblnd said...

It all depends for me.. my cousin usually remebers all the childhood memories.. I "remember" them like your hubby does... but when it comes to my present day memories.. I usualy have a pretty good capacity

Scandalous Housewife said...

I think it has to do with how our brains are wired. Like mine is wired all cock-eyed and warped, but I also happen to remember the CRAZIEST little details from the time I was about 3 years old. I say write those memories down & maybe you'll have a best seller!

Fabulously Fashionable Dawn said...

meeeee too!I remeber but my sister insists she remembers more..I tell her she makes things up in her head..

SheBloggs said...

Scandalous: I think it might have to do with how we're wired, If I compiled them I think I would have a freakin best seller! My life is/and pretty odd..

Bon Don said...

It's a curse sometimes! I rememebr everything...except for the stuff I should remember :)

Chloie said...

I remember b-day and events but I always misplaces my keys and stuff...

BTW, I gave you an award!

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