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Monday, February 23, 2009

Ground Control to Major Tom

While I was on the plane coming back home I was soooo tired... While waiting for the flight back which was DELAYED, I tried my hardest to keep my eyes open. I don't sleep in unknown places I'm not familiar with.. esp not a airport. So I told myself I'll make the sleep up on the plane in a seat in the corner (by an exit) all to myself. I had my ear phones, sun glasses (it was night)and my hood to be extra secluded. Well..

My sleeping plans feeelll through. Since it was delayed they took some people from another flight and squished everyone together..so it was a full flight. Earlier I saw a man in the gate area waiting for his flight. He was a tall Don Juan pimp like of a person. His hair was slicked back into a tight braided ponytail. He had on a 3 piece hunter green and tan suite. It was tailored fit, not all huge. He had one ear pierced, gold bracelet and nice teeth. I saw him catch my eye a couple of times, and I thought oh lord.. please don't let him sit by me. I am not for sale, nor do I have his money..LOL

I sat at the first seat near the front next to a stocky Hawaiian lady, thinking nobody would want to sit between us.. it'll be great, plus we had extra leg space. Well, behold.. there he was pointing with his extra long finger nail, "May I please sit between you lovely ladies?" Cigarette smoke and a disgruntled cough later, he asked my name. My name is so hard, I just usually tell people a fake name: Stephanie.. it's 3 syllables and people can understand it. But somehow my real name came out. I think it was the power of a pimp. He introduced himself with something I couldn't understand and we started talking..

This was his first plane ride in 11 years. We stopped in Las Vegas to let people off and he wanted to take a smoke. The attendant told him if he left he would be left, he begged to smoke on the landing next to the plane and blow the smoke out that small crack and she told him he would be arrested. He was joanzing like no other. After another hour he told me he was a musician. He played the guitar- 6 string and the bass. I told him I also was into music, I sing here and there. Then openly I showed him my new LA tattoo of a treble clef and a bass treble clef on the right side of my wrist shaped into a heart.

He dugg it. Then started to digg me. He kept saying, who EVA.. eva eva eva, is waiting at home for you is a lucky man. I told em thanks.. He said I had the softest looking cheeks and was down to earth...yatta yatta. I was getting weired out, so then I turned the convo over to his love life. He was married for 13 years. He and his wife were having troubles and one day his wife calls him at work and asked.."What time are you going to be home from work?" In his gut, he said he knew what that meant. He lied and said 9:00. . (pm) From there he said he slammed down the phone and rushed into his 30min drive home to find his wife in the bed with another man. He said his heart dropped and shattered into a million pieces. And he never found the effort to sit and put it all back together again.

I could tell there were still some bitterness. He said that was 20 years ago, but when he explained it to me it felt like it happened yesterday. He said he loved her so much, worked 2 jobs for her, consoled his every thought to her, and she took all that away. He said he left her with the house, one of the cars, all the furniture and he left with his clothes, his guitar and his extreme heartbreak. It was like he wanted to still cry right there on my shoulder. He said he never felt anything like it ever before.. then it got me to thinking.. when I had my first real heartbreak. It really is nothing to play with. I was so down I was below the below..

After all our heartbreak/ache talk, we went back to music and how my husband was so lucky. Then I thought how this guy wasn't so bad at all.. see how stereo-types & judgemental thinking will keep you from meeting the coolest people sometimes?

He was the lover's lover, and I liked that. He pulled out his Cologne from his inside pocket and sprayed it on the back of his hand, rubbed it in and smiled with a sparkle. I took a sip of the cosmopolitan he bought me and sleeplessly flew all the way home.


Scandalous Housewife said...

Did his smile sparkle because he had a gold tooth?

Islandbaby said...

Oh, No! Are you now a sex slave in Vegas!? They just did an expose about this on Dateline. Did he "gift' you a fur coat, and call you little girl?! Where should I send the Feds! So Glad you're back, you've been missed!

StarzGazR said...

wow! thats insane!

Im glad he wasnt ALL the creppy.. and his wife/ ex wife or whatever did him DURRRRTTYYYYYY

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

awwww a version of this plan ride has happened to me many times...

You meet sooo many interesting people when you travel!

I feel bad for the pimp.

You had me lmao when you wrote "power of a pimp"

SheBloggs said...

Scand: LOL.. Ya know I think he had a open face gold tooth, you know where the tooth is outlined in gold!

Island: I saw that on Dateline too!!! and he did call me lil girl! LOL Thanx lady<3

Star: I know, I don't do creepy girl! Wife did em reeaalll durty!

Bow Chica: You know that power of a pimp is strong! LMFAO

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