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Saturday, February 14, 2009

That Parking Thing is REAL

I've finally made it into CA last night! I'm in Long Beach, CA. The city is beautiful! Although it was really late when I came in and couldn't see the pretty sky still everything looked so cool.. We ate pizza at Boston Pizza (I think that's the name). Then my long time buddy took me to her cute little humble abode. It's cute and its quaint and it fits her so perfectly. She loves this place and says she can actually see herself living in Long Beach forever. Pretty cool for a country girl moving to the big city..

Well.. with big cities come big parking problems. I knew this before I came because just a few months ago she told me she was real hungry and didn't want to spend alot on food. She wanted to take a trip to Subway, but after a seconds thought decided not too because she had an AWESOME parking space!

Soo.. she decided she'd rather stay home and starve.

Last night while driving around 1:something I found that we were circling around and around on one way streets alot. I asked what she was doing and she said looking for a parking space. I was like, damn! What's going on, someone having a party? She laughed, and said no. It's like this all the time!.. What! I said. This shit is real! We drove down further and she exciiiiiitedly found one. It's funny because back in KS she didn't know how to parallel park, she whipped her jeep forward and slung it back in reverse and there we were, parked perfectly. Thank gawd my luggage had wheels cause we were rolling for awhile. She said, whew! I'm glad we got one up close!.. Up close! I was walking through an alley for like 15 minutes! LOL (give or take... ;0)

I know this has to be a worldwide issue because Ms. Amber, in Amber-Alert blog had somewhat of the same incident. She almost missed a meeting with aka: Slim Shady because she had a BOMB ASS parking spot next to her building and didn't want to leave.. after seeing this with my friend I can tooootally relate.

In Kansas, it's so wide and flat. We have no public transportation, just one bus that only picks people up at major spots during the work hour time of the day. Kansas City, MO has buses that run though out like a city, but the parking is never an issue. I have a parking space right in front of my apt door everyday, same thing at work damn near too! So this was a city parking culture shock.. This is CA, Ambes is in DC, so I know NY, FL, CHICAGO, MASS, etc can feel the same.. maybe even worse in some areas.

Thank gawd for open parking spaces and... garages.


Princess Katrina said...

I hate double parking! My parents were so happy when they moved to Florida from Ny because there are parking lots everywhere here. I never understand why they would be happy about that until I grew up. Now I am sooo glad I live where I live and get to park anywhere anytime! (But sometimes you have to pay...BLAHH!!!!)

Bon Don said...

Oh my gosh I'm super bummed we didn't get to hang out last night... since you're in LB maybe we can meet up at Frisco's for some burgers or something!

And the parking is so true out there, I used to hang out in Belmont Shores with my friend and we'd end up parking two blocks away!! Boo.

I hope your having fun in CA!

dizzblnd said...

I am so grateful that I don't live in a big city. I can't imagine the parking nightmares you have described and the unwillingness to go anywhere because you have the "perfect" spot. I hope you are having fun :)

Gabby said...

Welcome to CA and parking nightmares and traffic! I'm new to your blog, and I love it....hope you have a great time while you're in CA!

Mere said...

I used to pay (ok, my school grants used to pay...) two grand a year for one assigned parking spot in the garage at the dorm I lived at in Austin because your options are pay to park where you live or don't have a car. Parking on the street isn't an option because everything has meters now, so you either have to feed it quarters all day or move it every few hours. Parking SUCKS.

acute_disaster said...

Wow! That's crazy!

The only real big city I've been to is Orlando. Lol, and parking is pretty bad there too.

I can't imagine what NY or CA must be like. . . . Man.

I hope you're having fun! Be safe!



Scandalous Housewife said...

She Bloggs,
NFW!!! The Scandies are in Long Beach, too!!! We're staying at a friend's house on the peninsula until Friday. Check my blog for photos and come on by the palace & say hi! Hell, with the effin storm today, we're stuck inside for awhile...

Doublebanker said...

Never double parked before...not been around the big city long enough to get used to it!

Check out my $50 Gif Card giveaway!


Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

girlfriend are you back yet?

Hope your trip was excellent!!

Jillian said...

i don't have the patience for parallel parking or one way streets..lol..in downtown Austin it's very much like that..when i first got here and would go downtown i'd just pay to park somewhere lol...but you get use to it and start to get cutthroat about about it LOL and find a parking spot for FREE!

hope you have/had fun!!!

Desert Rat said...

I can drive like nobody's business but I can't park to save my life! MASS is also really bad with parking, where someone screams "yes" in excitement and it's only because they found good parking. Hope you had fun in CA my sister said all great things about meeting you

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