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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Taxes Schmaxes

So it's Tax season for everyone now and I don't know if I'm gonna like it this year.
Last year I was so close to oweing. I forgot that my husband and I were only married like 3 months out the year so we filed seperatly and that eased the pain somewhat. I know alot of people save their refunds and stash it away for a rainy day, or pay some bills off, or just splurg it to death, which is all fine.. it's your money. Acutally over the years I've done all of those..

I remember when I asked my mom when I was 17 if I could do mine seperately. I damn near had a full time job and going to school so she let me. I thought that was pretty cool of her, because most parents would want to hold on to thier kids dedecutions as long as they could. Now, if they are still living in the house, going to school with no job then that only makes since to keep theirs. When I got that refund back at 17 it was like $800.00. I thought I was the richest person on earth.. I bought a car stero (for my lil 1986 Honda Accord, & this was 1999 mind you), went to some resturants with my friends, got a new Jansport backpack, and saved the rest for Prom.

Now a days seem like my buddies are getting the jackpots back. I have alot of single mother friends, and when it is tax season for them it's a payday foreal. One of my friends met me for dinner and drinks, she said she was going to Vegas to see her dude and was real excited because she got her taxes back and could have some money and a couple new outfits. I thought that was cool, cause when you go to Vegas you need some money to have fun, but $7000.00 worth! Damn! I told her I'm having some kids tomorrow!!! LOL Noo just kidding..even with 2 kids I wouldn't get back that much. I know everyone's situation is different of course, and I know she really needs it, she does alot for her boys. Single mothers need any handup they can get, I saw it my whole life with my mom..

This year however, I'm in really need of a new computer. My brother & his lil porn obession has stricken my laptop with viral video stds. I've updated it & what not, it's just fairly old. So that's first on my list.. then I have to save for Atlanta this summer to visit my husbands grandparents.. I've never been there and I really want to do some site seeing..

What are your plans this tax season?

Yahoo had some good Tax & Finace articles:

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Amber-Alert said...

i was just about to say u need to pop out some babies lol thats pretty much the only way u can get a serious refund....hmmmmmm i plan to splurge all of mine lol even tho i should probably just get some new tires for my car and then save all the rest lol

mrs. mary mack said...

I hardly ever get a refund check worth anything. Last year I got about $100 back! Alot of my income is non-taxed but the companies report to the IRS so I have to file those checks as income...I'm lucky I don't owe yet! This year I will probably owe which sucks. I need some kids too!

dizzblnd said...

How nice that you are getting money back.

My plans.. to file at the very last possible second, and run like hell from the gov't when they tell me I owe.. then act ignorant, and ask Obama's forgiveness and hopefully I won't go to jail..

well it worked for Dashole anyway

Lil Honey B said...

I just got mine today. I didn't get $7000 (I wish) but I do have enough to hopefully get me a small used car. I was in a car wreck almost 3 months ago and I totaled my car...So it's time for a new one. Thanks for stoppin by! I hope you come back soon!

Chloie said...

I did mine this week and am so excited to get it. It's mostly gonna go to my wedding expenses though.

SheBloggs said...

Ambs: Splurging is great, plus it's giving back to the economy so they say..lol I need some tires too, mine were so bad one time the wires were showing, and the auto people were like, woman are you f*cking crazy!?

Mrs. Mary: Mine usually aren't much either & we do need some kiddo's, personally I can't wait but I am anyways..lol

Patticakes: LOL hahaha.. now that's a good plan.. sounds like you have it down. Plus your too sweet to go to jail, if they make you then make a trade off for your son! lol

Lil Honey: I was thinking about that too, because I'm saving for a car. My hus wants to fix the hoopty up, but I just want a newer one, so I have to save. Good Luck car hunting! <3

Cholie: I used mine in 2007 for my wedding too. It will come in handy!

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