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Friday, March 27, 2009

Come'on You Scardey Cats..

There is a new super entirely scary movie out and I want to go see it! Its called...

The Haunting in Conneticut

I absoultly LOVE scary movies, and pretty much can handle anything. One of my favorite movies is simply called DEAD. Just a typical zombie flick. But the really eerie haunted ghost ones are always the most hair raising.

I called all my movie buddy friends up and said, "Hey, lets go watch Haunting in Connecticut this Friday!".. One of my friends said, "No way man! I want to get some sleep tonight!". I'm like ahhh, phooie! Sleep later, be scared toooniight! Another friend just looked at me and rolled her eyes, I didn't even get a verbal no.

What's so scary about scary movies? lol

I remember when The Ring first came out, that kinda scared me when I went home. I couldn't look at a blank TV screen for a few weeks..LOL
The Exorcist is damn near deemed as the ULTIMATE scrary flick. Which is it pretty scary, but some parts of it was almost comical. I grew up deeply in religion and faith and I think why those kind of movies always appeal is because they're spirtually scary which you were taught to stay away from. I still know people who haven't seen it. It's all what your perceptions and beliefs are.

Another that I really thought was good was the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead If you haven't checked that one out, then it's a Netflix rental for sure. The orginal one from the 70's is even better.

Some good ones that aren't so scary are: The Others: with Nicole Kidman, I AM LEDGEND: with Will Smith, The Grudge, or any Nightmare on Elm St's with Freddie. Maybe when I was a kid he had me, but he's old news now. lol

Here's some top list of the ScArIeSt Horror Flicks to watch:


BHM Updated 2009 List

Amazon's Scaries List

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)


dizzblnd said...

I want to see The haunting too. Freddie still gives me the heebie jeebies.. movie or no movie!

Desert Rat said...

I have a guy friend who makes watch scary movies. Otherwise I don't DO scary movies at all.

Scandalous Housewife said...

I won't ever see scary movies at the MOVIES anymore. I'll wait until I can rent it. I like to be scared at home!

Missy said...

I watched the ring on DVD and I was so freaked out. That scene with Samara and the television did it for me.

ReRe said...

i saw the preview for this and the first thing i thought was "isn't that the amittyville horrors?"
but i still want to see it b/c i love being scared.

dawn of the dead rocked my world!

Gabby said...

K, I HATE scary movies. I hate being scared. After watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the new version), I couldn't sleep for weeks. Ugh. Even writing about it gives me the chills.

I especially hate movies that say "based on a true story". That just freaks me out even more. Although I read an article about The Haunting. The owners of the house are saying that it's not haunted, it's all made up. That makes me feel marginally better. But still.

This may be the longest comment I've ever written! LOL

Bon Don said...

I can't do scary movies, I am the biggest wuss ever when it come to those movies! You are crazy!

*shivered with the chills!*

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