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Friday, March 6, 2009

What Are You Watching?

Other than making time to knit for all my winter gifts, and stimulate by reading the next romance- drama- thriller, I also have to make time to get my TV in. Come on now.
Lately, before fall majority of the shows were kinda null, and boring now a whooole slore of shows are on now.. I can't keep up..

All my co-workers are LOST junkies. Now it really is a good show, but if you miss a few seasons, boy do you really get LOST. I tried to catch back on with the little last season review, but still, too LOST.

I still can't get enough of The Office.
I know lately I've been watching re-runds, but it really is a different humor that's HILARIOUS.. and if you really work in a office then you can really under stand some of that get- on - your - nerves crap!

Medium with Paticia Arquette is a pretty good show, I don't think it will last long because the premise is getting kinda old with her waking up every night because she dreamt pieces of a murder in her sleep. BUT its a pretty good show, and what I LOVE about it is she's a little thickie with some curves and she has this handsome tall Aussie/Brit whatever he is husband who is great to her! When do you ever see that on TV!? Usually it's the heavy set, egotistical, rude husband with a super thin housewife.. ex: "According to Jim" or "King of Queens" (which are both great shows, but nice to see an beautiful average working mom, with a hot ass husband!)

Everybody Hates Chris! OMG, can you say so funny! The last episode had me bustin at the seams, only because me and hubs was going through the same thing. I've been on a diet, so that means HE is on a diet, but not by choice.. I just cook less so I don't have more around to eat.. and Chris's mom ( PAM from MARTIN) was doing the same thing.. "Shakes, anyone!?"

HBO's Eastbound & Down is my husband's show that he has me watching while taking up the TV time. It is kinda funny. This dude though is so mean, and RUDE that I get tired of it, but it's written by Will Ferrell, so you know there has to be some laughs in there somewhere.

Now, I know it's silly, but HBO's Flight of the Concord has us rolling.. These English guys do music parodies of their own while tying it to whatever topic their talking about, but the music they do is sooo funny. Sometimes they do R&B like a straight slow jam and its so funny cause it sounds pretty good.. check out what thier about..


Scandalous Housewife said...

Lost has TOTALLY jumped the shark. But Flight of the Concords totally rocks! Love it!

Mich said...

i am an office fanatic! LOVES IT!!!

but FOTC.... blah.... my roommate is obsessed and it has totally turned me off from them. i didnt even find it THAT funny to begin with but with her watching it ALL. THE. TIME. im so annoyed!

mrs. mary mack said...

I love Flight of the Concords and Eastbound (even with the horrible language) LOL The Office is also hilarious!

Gabby said...

Lost is amazing, but you're right, if you haven't been following it, it's way hard to get into!

FOTC makes me laugh so hard! Ah so funny.

dizzblnd said...

I never did get into Lost. I LOVE the office. because I work in one and because I GET the humor. I keep forgeeting Medium is on.

as for the others.. I have only caught an episode of 2. I am DYING waiting for Weeds to come back on

Desert Rat said...

The English guys are funny.

I met your friend Court last night; she's funny and beautiful.

Lil Honey B said...

Imma have to start watching some of these!

Bon Don said...

Hey doll!!

Ok I only catch bits & pieces of a few of those shows... I don't watch anything religiously really.
I watch Food Network alot, HGTV and movies on demand... Oh and dance shows cause I love music & watching people dance!

So I think we're going to steal Court again this weekend, is there any way for you to start planning your next trip out her to Cali?

Amber-Alert said...

ok i need to get back on my tv watching game but i havent seen any of these shows!!!! but u crochet? i wanna learn how to knit!

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Sheesh I thought we were there (pointing eye to eye) but I guess we're not. lol

I dont watch ANY of those shows. lol

I watch Greys Anatomy and anything reality TV

Islandbaby said...

I'm also an HGTV and Food Network fanatic. I love anything on Bravo and Oxygen. I L.O.V.E Mistresses on BBC America. I also love Flight of the Concords and The Office. I cannot wait until True Blood and Entourage comes back on. Me an my bfriend's Sundays have been bleak without them. I gave up on Lost back on the first season. It requires too much of my energy! It felt like I had a second job just trying to keep up!

Jillian said...

ooh don't get me started on TV i'm a TV junkie..GOD BLESS DVR!!...and yes during the writer's strike TV SUCKED!!

I never got the Lost buzz..but oh well...lol...

my current fav shows off top: Fringe, Life, Heroes, Lie to Me, Leverage, House, Bones, NCIS....

ReRe said...

i've started watching the new show Castle on ABC. it comes on mondays after dancing with the stars.

me likes it. me also likes your blog (thanks to gabby!)

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