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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bouji At It's Finest...

I have an old friend... and I'm kinda sad.

She was one of my very best friends from highschool and I miss her. =0(

She's been stricken with a terrible disease called Bouji-itis.

In highschool she was this fun loving, caring and care free girl, who didn't give a damn about the world, if she scarfed down two whoppers at lunchtime or went out and got shitfaced at the crib with the cool kids. She was boarder line ditz and couldn't tell ding from dang but we loved her anyway. Beauty was the main staple that held her together. She was hot, everybody wanted to get with her. She had that Peru/Bolivian beauty. Somehow though, something... changed about her as we got older. She started dating this short snob of a wanna be, and he got into her head. Showed her how to persuade Gucci, & Coach, and whatever is nice out there I don't know about. Well I'm not into all that, so after she wanted to go to the chic'est restaurants, and techno ritzy clubs, we kinda just fell apart. I no longer was saving for the newest, latest and greatest. I had to take care of my brother, keep my car working, and pay the bills. Our priorities changed. I miss her and wish she was still around. My Cali bf is not Bouji, but likes nice stuff but she can keep it real too. We can get a $5 foot long, go to the spa, laugh & have a great day. To each it's own, but when you fake the funk so hard I can see right through you, it becomes not fun anymore.. There's people dying out there and she's worried about starving herself and buying $250 jeans on a Walmart budget. I can't worry with her anymore like in highschool, now it's like are you kidding?

So.. Today is deemed Bouji-itis Thursday. Stay clear or you might get terribly sick. No one but snobs & snots would want to hang around you..your hair will start to turn, and $ signs will permanently stay in your eyes... beware.


Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

awww I sooo know someone like that!

I havent heard anyone say Bouji in a long time =)

Chloie said...

I am so like you... I don't care about brand name clothes or expensive things and I wouldn't feel comfortable with somebody who does.

Amber-Alert said...

like u said u have to have a balance! its nothin wrong with liking and having expensive things but dont think ur better than nobody cuz u do!! thats straight up stank lol!!

dizzblnd said...

People like that make me ill. What difference does it mske how much you spend on your clothes.. in a hundred years, no one will care anyway, especially if they value more than the spotlight

Errant said...

we see people like that sometimes .. it gets annoying .. everything is acceptable in moderation ..

Brothers Blog said...

Yeah I agree it's nothing wrong with wanting and having nice stuff. But when you're working with kool-aid money you can't be sipping the finest of champagne.

Give me the finest stuff that's on sale I say. lOl

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