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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's Get Physical

Lately I've been working my ass off trying to lose some major newlywed poundage. I don't know what happened but I proved my husband right that after you get married the wife will start to look like her mother. My mom is a lovely lady, but she has some hips & gut on her that I was so lucky to inherit. After the honeymoon I gained a substantial amount of weight, I think from shackin up literally and making 3 meals a day fit for a king. My husband is a meat and potatoes guy, and genetically athletic as hell. Before we met I barely was at home, activities kept me lookin good and I ate whenever. Now it's like when I see old friends... whoa.. I'm hiding behind trash cans, clothes racks, and shopping carts. Doing James Bond super flips and shit just to get away..lol It's soo sad, cause I wanna say Hi..LOL ok I'll stop.

SO in lieu of the new me, I have bestowed some of my favorite early 80's fitness shows that I used to watch with my mom as a real youngster.. Some of these are so funny to watch..and great nostalgia.

The first is: WPWR Channel 60 - 20 Minute Workout (Part 1, 1984)
I remember this one so vividly.. the lady had her own soundtrack goin and everything singing to the music.. I would laugh at her if she was my instructor.

Next: This one was the Early Morning Stretch with Joannie Greggains
It was on the PBS channel on TV, this one was free so I watched it at my grandma's cause you know Grandmama's didn't have that cable box thing that you had to push down each button to turn the channel.. omg, I'm getting old.

Hope you enjoyed the 1980's morning workout. I truly did.


dizzblnd said...

I can't stop laughing! Love the big hair and tights headband... wow I was 12 when the first vidoe showed

Thanks for making me feel old!

Scandalous Housewife said...

Yessss! Have you tried the 80's 'Buns of Steel' series with the bad ass tranny, Tamilee? I'm sure it's only on VHS, but it's HOTT!

SheBloggs said...

Hahaha I was 2 in 1984, BUT they had to be re-runs when I saw them in 1987ish.

Scan: I have tried the Bun's of Steel! A co-worker gave em to to me one morning a long while ago when I said I was wroking out. I was like, I don't even own a VCR..

But tranny Tammilee is kick ass.

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