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Monday, January 26, 2009

Dewey Cox Cracked Me Up..

Usually, I don't watch the over exaggerated re-make of a popular movie, but over the weekend I was channel surfing through the cable channels and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story was coming on so I decided to watch it. Yes, it was soooo silly and had some crazy parts like the naked man in the hotel with the incredibly smallest penis I've ever seen in my life.. *ahem, however.. It was really funny.

What made it so funny was the songs, that John C. Riley was really singing, and they were half way decent.. The whole movie was derived from Johnny Cash's story, Walk The Line with Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon. Which honestly I've never seen.. didn't look that great from the trailers, but after this satire, maybe I'll see it..

Tim Meadows is in it and he plays the druggie, stolen from the scene in Ray.. he's always funny..He's a different kind of humor with a straight face.

The time line was cool to watch too, from the 40's all the way to present, I like time-line movies like that, that changes from decade to decade; like Forest Gump.

Don't get me wrong it has it's share of stupidity, but it's great for a quick chuckle er two..


Missy said...

Haven't seen it yet but I'm a John C. Reilly fan.

Errant said...

I should give it a try

Bon Don said...

"Let's duet" is one of my Hubby's favorite songs!

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