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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Foul on Kathy

Ok so this new year, as one of my blogger goals, I'm gonna try to blog.. almost
EVERYDAY, like all my other cool blogger counter parts.. so please bare with me if I post the most incrediably dumb, but rather funny stuff . I'll see if I can do it..

One thing that caught my eye was I was staying up late watching that O so crazy Jimmy Kimmell show and Kathy Griffin was on. As she was talkin I was thinking, she is so damn mouthy! Funny, but don't she ever stop talking? Those are the ones that give me that tight cringing pain that creeps up from my shoulders to my neck, then splits through my skull into a nearly bleeding migrane in the center of my 5 head.

Well while she was on she was talking about how she hosted Dick Clark's New Year's with hott ass Cooper Anderson, and how she's been all over the place because of her big mouth. She thought the camera's was off while she used FOUL LANGUAGE on national TV, but hey it was cable, you can say DICKS on cable!.. it was great.


Bon Don said...

Good luck with the blog goal! I always flake on weekends.

The reason I love cable is because of the foul language! :)

Hey doll by the way thanks for the award, I'm getting to it very soon, sorry it taking me so long! I suck.

*Bon Don*

dizzblnd said...

I saw that. I actually think she is funny.

Good luck on your new found foal.. It isn't easy to post everyday, to be original, and creative.. but I have faith in you.

Bon Don said...

Guess what, I gave YOU an award right back! go & claim your award doll!

* Bon Don*

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

I fuckn love Kathy Griffin.

Us Trainwrecks stick together! LMAO

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