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Monday, January 12, 2009

Wanna Get Away?

My husband and I had a small tiffle over the weekend. He has single friends that he hangs out with and then. Well on Saturday, he told me around 10:nish (pm) that he was going out with his dude. I asked him where they were goin, he said to "Voodoo Lounge". (Which is a club here in Harrah's Casino) We all were there 3 weeks ago because my bf was in town for the holidays..so, me being at home and bored, I said "I'm going too".

Well call out the trumpets, cause he's about to blow.. (and whine). He said "It's only going to be all guys, none of their girls are going to be there." I said, "Ok, so what's the problem? Why is my attendance an issue? Got something to hide?"

He said "No." Then I brought up the fact that it was a club. His friends are going to be mingling and caking with chicks, what are you gonna be doing in the mean time?

He said, "Talking to them!!, Why is this an issue?"

I told him I didn't feel right about a married couple going to the club by themselves, plus it's more fun when you bring your spouse, cause then you can role play. Like on 4 Christmases with Reece Witherspoon, when they went to that bar and they acted like they just met! We do that sometimes, and it's fun. But this time he wanted to be solo, sooooooo

He went. I thought I shouldn't feel bad, but we always go together. He thought I was showing some insecureness, but it's like why are you going there for, when what you have is at home? Now, I've been without him.. yes. When he worked late or couldn't go, but I don't have fun w/o him anymore.

Married or not? Is it ok to let your man club (not poker, party or frolic, but dance club) with his friends? OR am I putting a tight grip on his balls?


mrs. mary mack said...

As a married woman I say maybe a tight grip is there. My husband goes out to clubs with his single and married friends from time to time, and he spends the entire time texting me at home! I kind of like my solitude every now and again and as long as he comes home, is honest with me, and keeps his hands to himself I'm okay with it. (It also helps to have spies that hit the scene frequently...they tell everything!) LOL On the flip side my husband hates dancing, and he thinks most women in clubs are dirty so maybe that's why I don't worry about him.LOL

Great post!

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Hmmm. this is a tough one. I don't know how to feel about it... part of me feels like it should be ok but then I think about when Im at the club how "tempting" this situation can be...even if you're in a relationship... so maybe couples should go together but then again I don't know anything.


Bon Don said...

Ooo that's a tough one! Personally I wouldn't like it, I'd probably have to let him go because he always let's me go out and do things like that, but then again I don't go to clubs without him...so then I take it back, No I wouldn't want him to go without me.

How can you really be ok with it? Clubs are for single people or a bunch of friends & couples going out for a birthday or something right?

Sorry I'm no help at all.

*Bon Don*

Amber-Alert said...

well im not married but if i had a significant other im not sure i would want him to go out to the club with his boys...i just dont like the idea of it i guess...and him not wanting u to go probably made it that much worse...

Wannabe57 said...

I'm not married but I am completely with you on this one.

I liken it to an Alcoholic in a bar. Now it's true that Alcoholics have developed the will power to resist drinking.

However they also make it a point NOT to go to places where they will be tempted to drink

Good read!

Gia said...

so ironic that u should post this.. had the same prob this weekend,,, I thought i was the secure gf ,guess not! my dude went out on his own with his boys, and i freeked out! cant give ya any advice on this one...sori! lmao

SheBloggs said...

Mary Mack:
You and your husband have a great secure relationship. That is very good. Plus it's a plus your husband hates dancing, mine can't get enough of dancing, so after a few drinks, and a few big booties... I've may of lost him. LOL and ::Thank you!::

Bow Chica:
I think you may know more than you think..lol I had to decipher it all too cause I like going with the girls, but it's hard when your trying to set limits..so I feel ya

Bon Don:
Thats what I'm trying to establish now, just going to the club with him, not alone. Plus all my gf want him to come cause he's the crazy comedy. So, I'm going to stay not being ok with it. Clubs are for single people getting their grind on.
::you were plenty help!:: <3

Yes! Him not wanting me to go kinda hurt. Esp since it never have been a problem before. When your married your an item. So to be w/o was weired. I'm just now trying to get this married thing.

And TEMPTATION is a mother-effer.
Even I know this, why you think we gave him the apple. lol

Guys will do what they will. I got some good out of it when he got home, so atleast everyone was happy in the end! Hhaha

Amber-Alert said...

lmao!! glad everything worked out in the end!!

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