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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting Down & Getting Ready..


I literally can't wait. Spring has been more like winter here in the Midwest. The last snow was just a few weeks ago. It was 75 one day, then in the 20's with a blizzard snow the next! WTF?

So, in January I was on my quest for better health and jump started my work it all the way off plan. So far I haven't worked it all the way off but I'm getting there. I've lost 20lbs with this weeks weigh in. I'm 10lbs shy of this months goal. Hopefully by the end of April I can get close to 30lbs. I'm very excited with myself that I'm really taking this somewhat seriously. My goal is to get to 140, now I'm 5'2 short and curvy stocky, and dense like a fruitcake. I had to give that image to my husband cause he feels like he can pick me up like I'm a bitesize snicker bar but once he does he's paying for it. I yell, "Put me down before you get hernia or something!" Did you know lifting heavy objects can cause hernia? I didn't know that.
I know he hates when I say that, but he's like 190lbs toned, and he's practically lifting himself!

So by JULY, which is my birthday month, I would love to have reached my goal. It would be the best summer yet. I would for sure have to buy a real bathing suite instead of surfer shorts lol Nothing wrong with surfer shorts, but mine were never cute. Mine were like on last night's episode of Scrubs when everyone was on the beach vacationing, and they were seeing who's woman looked good in their bathing suite as they walked up to join them in the sand. Donald Faison's wife came floppin up the beach with a sun visor, huge brown shorts, a tank and a big ole bag..lol That's me.

I'm still on the trek, just trying to make it the finish line. Salads are still doing the trick for me, and calorie restriction. I said that to my mom and she damn near flipped her lid, like "So what, your starving yourself now!" No, just not putting so much shit in my mouth mother! I wanted to say that, but I didn't. I kinda made up my own plan. If I worked out alot more, I'd be where I should be and more, but I had a rough stressful month. It was a busy month at my job.. read here to feel my pain.. They say working out releases stress, but when I've had a shitty day the last thing I want to do is go get on a treadmill and sweat my new perm out.

Next month, however.. that will be a different story. More workouts, more water drinking, and more salsa dancing. Dancing really is a great workout if you don't like the same hustle and bustle at the gym. Hopefully by the summer months I can really stick too it, if not I'm still in heading towards the right path..

All in all ... I've kicked 20lb's in it's ass and I'm totally stoked.


Desert Rat said...

Do you like fish? Eat fish with salad also or lean meat. Lots of fruits and the weight will fall off. But you do have to work out. You can do it and ignore nay sayers

Bon Don said...

YAY!!! Congrats Doll!! You're beautifull no matter thick or thin!

But I will say, don't plan on visiting me before you lose those last few pounds because hanging out with me will only get you in trouble... just ask Himbo & Desert Rat!

By the way, we are getting a beach house this summer so start planning to show off the summer body when you come down to visit and "live at the beach" with us WOOOO

Islandbaby said...

That is sooooo great! I just started working out a couple of weeks ago, and I just started seeing results too. I really have to work on controlling my calories. Its hard not eating everything you want.

LOL at "dense as a fruit cake." My best friend and I weighed about the same amount in college the only difference was I'm 5'8 and she's 5'0" so it looks really different. Guys would pick me up,no problem, then act like they couldn't move her. Damn idiots! If only they knew it was all in their heads!

I'm excited for you. Keep up the great work. Buy a great suit and sashay down the beach honey. Life is short!

Lil Honey B said...

Congrats on your sucess. That's really awesome and your weight loss is an inspiration. Keep it up!!!

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