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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yea, It's THAT Time

Why did Eve have to eat the apple?

I damn her every time my girlfriend wants to pay a visit. Meaning, the doomed Menstrual Cycles, Periods, "On the Rag" whatever you would like to call it. I call it "Girlfriend", cause even though it's far from hell of being a "friend", I still try to be optimistic and befriend the: bloating, cramping, back aching, boobie tenderness, mood swings, TV show crying, smooth bowels, and sweets scarfing.

I know I should of paid close attention to the clues last week, but I was in phase mode of working and up keeping the home.

First sign my boobs felt like they were stretched to complete capacity in my bra, and they ached. I snapped at my mom, felt horrible, then came home from work on the same day and slept 6 hours! Yesterday was the Oh great! Your here.. and then the paaaiinn. I already took a 800mg last nite, hoping it will medicate until the next day.. and it didn't. Now I'm at work, back throbbing and I have no bullets and no gun. Ok, totally joking, but I'm not one to be messed with today!

Most of my bloggy buddies are ladies, so do you guys have great menstrual weeks? or am I the only one clawing up the wall?

Menstrual Cycles sure can put a damper on your party. I just looked up "On the Rag"and did you know this was where it came from?:

Answer.com: The phrase “on the rag” originated sometime during the late 19th to early 20th century. When a woman was menstruating, she was “on the rag,” a phrase that literally described the way women of the day protected themselves from accidents during menstruation. Each woman had a supply of rags for specific use during menstruation. Women would layer rags together until they were sufficiently thick, then use pins to attach the rags to their panties. After each use, the women would wash the rags and hang them out to dry. Each woman had a special place (usually a bag in her underwear drawer) where she kept her rags for the next time she menstruated.

Ugh! I couldn't imagine!! My mom told me they used to use these belt type thinggys that held a pad in place because the stickie on the back wasn't invented yet. A jock strap for a pad!? Yea, that's REAL sexy! LOL

My research came up with this picture:

Was this how they were worn? Would blood just flow down the legs and onto clothes? I'm so confused!? And this was like 30-35 years ago! So not that long. Oh how I take stickie adhesive for granted. Thank you stickie adhesive makers for allowing me to walk publicly down the street without blood running down my leg, or trying to stuff a whole bed sheet into my panties to catch it. Thank you.

The Stright DOPE! gave a interesting article on Tampons, I guess women have been make shifting their own for years, even before the belted pads. I know I would!

Apparently, as time passed, tampons went underground. By the 1930s, when commercial tampons became available, some women were already making their own "out of surgical cotton, cutting strips to size and rolling them tightly for insertion, or they bought natural sea sponges at cosmetics or art supply stores and trimmed them into reusable tampons," Friedman writes. "But these women belonged to an exclusive margin of society; they tended to be actresses, athletes, or prostitutes--all dubious professions, in the eyes of 'respectable' women."

BUT: according to Wiki answers: The tampon with an applicator and string was invented in 1929 and submitted for patent in 1931 by Dr. Earle Haas, an American from Denver, Colorado. Tampons based on Dr. Haas' design were first sold in the U.S. in 1936.

WHY, oh WHY would people wear belts if these things was already patented in 1931!

I know why, because I started my period when I was 10, and it took me all the way until I was 17 to wear tampons. I thought it was weird with something up there without it feeling good. haha However, currently they are my bestfriend.

Ok enough bloody talk. I'm ready to go home, eat my salad, drink my hot tea and hit the sheets! Clean ones, that is. =0)


Mich said...

oh my thats a lot of research you did~!!

the week of mine is hell too. aches, pains, cramping, RIDICULOUS mood swings.

its not fun, especially for those around me.

Jillian said...

LOL...i call that week my HORMOtional week...it usually varies...i am definitely less tolerant during that week LOL...i find myself being just a little extra "snappy"

but I am on birth control..the Noveau Ring...it keeps me quite regulated so I know when it's going to start and when it's going to end....The first full day is usually the worst as far as discomfort...

funny tampon story...i remember the first time my mother told me to try a tampon...i got my period when i was in the 6th grade..she gave me a damn super tampon...i was in the bathroom at the pool and i accidently dropped it in the toilet...and i saw it expand..i bout died...ran out and told my mother NO WAY..i'm not putting that up there! LMAO...

if it makes ya feel a little less lonely lol this is my girlfriend week too lol...she'll be here tomorrow! lol

Bon Don said...

Ugh... I'm one of those girls who doens't get one ever month and I'm darn happy about that! ... BUT when it does come, I need Morphine and Vicodine to knock my ass out! You poor thing!

You're so cute with all your research! HAHAHA

StarzGazR said...

ARGHHH you post this the SAME DAY MY GIRLFRIEND COMES TO VISIT ME... and it sucks!!

I'm lucky enough that it last no more then 3 days.. but i was away on vacay so thanks to birth control i was able to push it back to the following month-- but now i'm hurting... BLOATING, CRAMPS, HORMONAL, MOODINESS, AND A SUDDEN CRAVE FOR CHOCOLATE -- yeah it's drive my hubby away!!

ps- thanks for the little history.. it was quite entertaining!!

Chloie said...

I hate that time of the month. And for me, it usually lasts for a week so it's terrible. Why, oh why, do we have to go through that?

Scandalous Housewife said...

Oh, honey, just wait until you get a little older. EVERYTHING gets worse, magnified. The pain, the mood swings, the murders...

Jennifer said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Aunt Flo. I love her because I need her to have babies one day and need her to come on time every month until I'm ready for that. But then I HATE HER WITH A BURNING PASSION for at least the first two days of my cycle. That mess hurts like hell, badder than the last month. I feel like dieing when it gets so bad. God forbid it's the dead heat of summer. The absolute worst! Midol and a heating pad dulls the pain...a little.

Bon Don said...

Come on over, I gave you an award!

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Girl we're totally in sync with our periods! I just got over mine lol

I don't get ANY cramps... I do get sore boobs and feel bloated and sometimes have the runs lmao but zero cramps and it only lasts 3-4 days max.

Im going to go home to ask my mom what she did when she was growing up I wonder...

I too got my period when I was 10!

Islandbaby said...

Ugh sounds horrible!

I've been blessed with painless periods, but I do get sleepy and emotional.

Its funny when I was younger I assumed that virgins couldn't wear tampons. I just started using them. Actually I'm still a little confused about that...LMAO.

You've been nominated again! Check it out.

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