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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Suburbian Blues

I was real down the other day.

I want to say my down-ness wasn't due to what's going on in the world, but maybe it had some underlying effect. I was reading an article on USA Today and it was talking about the stress on Americans as we worry about the economic crises. I don't know really. I have a job, my husband and I are fed. We don't own a house, but we are saving for it.. now I have that tinge of fear they have been talking about. What if we don't get our home? Ugh.

The economy is sick, and it's gonna take forever for it to get better? Ok, maybe not forever, but it's gonna feel like forever until we buy a house. I know there are alot people in worse shape than I, so I should be empathetically estastic where we are right now. Maybe it could be where I live too. I'm middle class living in an apt where all the upper upper class live. Like NFL football player's (Kansas City Cheifs SUCK!) and CEO's live down a street where I walk my dog, in these MEGA manchines. Maybe that could be effecting my ego? I go into work each day, dreadfully, and barely awake while I see ladies swinging their ponytails running at 9:00 on a weekday morning on the sidewalks. I want to swing my ponytail and run 9:00 on a weekday morning on the sidewalks.

Nope. I have to sit at a desk for 7.5 hours. Then I go to my lunch break at 11:30am at the local grocery store to get a salad. I have to squeeze my boat of an Aurora in between two gas sucking monster vehicles: the popular Land Rover and the not so popular Hummer. Then I wait 15 minutes to leave the parking lot because of all the stay at home moms and their 10 shopping carts and crowds of kids.

I'm not complaining, or "hatin" on the rich none the less, it just can wear ya down a little. I guess in the back of your head (when you see it constantly) you know sooomeebody isn't worrying. I saw a goooood show on fiances on Oprah (yes, I really don't like her, but she has some good shows w/ good topics SOMETIMES)and Susie Orman was on, and she was talkin about the lies we all live, and the persona we crave to keep up while ruining our credit and finances. So, maybe half of those people I was talking about are just living the lie, when in actuality they never was really set in the first place?

Well who cares.. I'm not gonna let it worry me, even if I don't ever get a house at then end of the day I'm still gonna be happy.. and loved... in my cozy 2 bed crib.


Missy said...

Hope you don't mind I tagged you for a book meme.

SheBloggs said...

Sounds fun! Now I just have to read what it's all about.. I'm game.

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