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Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Last: Last


I don't know about you but I'm fed up too my wit's in on making everything my last.
This weekend was like my 3,000 weekends of saying my last.

To catch you up, (like the rest of the over-weight population) I've been trying to diet. Now I'm not huge by any means, I just need to be healthier and lose these 20 newlywed pounds I've just acquired. It's so funny because that was one of the things my husband was scared of about getting married, is acquiring a new fat wife.

BUT...to my defense

I blame the honeymoon cruise. Have you seen those buffet's!! Geeze. How many times can you have french toast with strawberries & whipped cream with a memoso? EVERYDAY WHEN YOUR ON YOUR HONEYMOON.. lol Plus for $3500 I want my bang for my buck, even if that means a couple of new rolls and some cellulite.

If I didn't just sound like Overweight America, then I don't know what. But I do know one thing though.. getting my family healthier and living longer. My brother and I who is 2 years younger than me, has gotten.... ah, I say a little bit out of control. He's a very handsome guy, but has the hugest belly (Which according to Dr. Mehment Oz, stomach fat is the most dangerous) so we have decided together as brother and sister to lose the pounds for our very LAST time.

I roped in my by saying.. "Keith, come on now... let's make mom proud. Lets lose the weight and get happy for her!" My mom, by herself mind you, has lost 98lbs! I'm so happy for her. In amage we should do the same. This Monday is when we start. I've just went through my last 7-11 pina colada Slurpee.. so sad it was. My last ranch Doritos.. and that's it! Tomorrow I know at 3:00pm I'll want to invade the vending machine and rape a pack of chocolate donuts .... for the last time. BUT I'M NOT!! I'm gonna diet this right.. for the last time. While being a responsible big sister and a gem of a daughter too. (can't forget that.)


Missy said...

I was doing good for awhile.
Had dropped some pounds by running but now I'm in a rut. I did buy the book Skinny Bitch. I need to read it, I've heard good things about it.

SheBloggs said...

I know! It's are when you get stuck in a rut! I saw that book at Borders.. I was reading a lil bit of it, it looks really good. It was like hard facts and in your face. Like put the cupcake down bitch and pick up a celery stick! LOL Some things I was crackin up about.

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