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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Liquor & Music : My Long Lost Friends

I haven't "went out" in quite awhile now. My girl friend from high school called me up and gave me the invite. She hasn't had the opportunity to go out and get wasted in some months, so I thought I'd join. She has 2 boys and the fathers aren't any way shape in the pictures, so if she gets a chance to have a break, then I have no problem breaking with her. I don't have any children, so I can't even imagine how bad she wants to escape from diapers, fights, and stepped on toy parts.

We decided to go to the Legends, it's a fairly new place in BFE, out here in the country. It's mainly all new shops and restaurants. It has a chain of bars that are connected with different music. GF listens to mostly country, so I knew which one I going too. I listen to everything but country.. so I started my tab real quick.

The bartender (of course) was pretty damn hot.. GF liked him too. I'm married so it was hands off for me, she's not so I told her to go in for the kill, instead she asked for a Blue Hawaiian something and a Jagger bomb. A Jagger bomb? I don't do those.. I had Patron on the rocks. Once I finished..among the tussle, the bartender slid me another one under the sly.. FOR FREE.. I told him thanks, and the girls were ooouin. Maybe because the place was empty and I was all leggs with my black 4inch Guess heelz?

4 shots and 1 pineapple rum later I was still pretty nice. GF and the group was pretty wasted: mission accomplished. We went to different spots a couple of times, I helped with her boobs like 50 times, picked her up from the floor a billion times. Now doing this and achieving in trying to stay cute are extremely difficult.

None the less, I haven't been out in months, so this was still pretty exciting. I made it home and a phone call later to see if she was ok sealed the night. Actually, my husband likes to take advantage of the inebriated, so once I was taken advantage of then it was a sealed deal. Isn't all the time where you get a happy ending to a great drunken night.. haha.


dizzblnd said...

LOL! That sounds like my nights out. It's so much fun going with just the girls. I am married AND have two teens.. so i JUMP at the chance to get sh!t-faced anytime I can!

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