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Monday, October 13, 2008

Quincy is his name.

We've gotta dawggie!! YEA.. We've actucally had em for damn near 2 weeks now. I wanted to make sure his ass wasn't broken before I took him back. HA! Juuusss kiiddiinngg. He's a great lil pal he is. Love at first sight was how we met.

The 2 dogs I previous choose was already gone! Keira and Hemmingway.. gone! So, I went to go check out Jake. In person, Jake was a lil hyper, and scary lookin. I mean he was white white. Also, he wasn't neutred, I didn't want to deal with comming back and mending to his balls all weekend. BUT... when I saw "Sagan" (that's what they named him) I was taken away.

I walked by his cage (didn't know he was a he then, because he acutally looked like a gurl because he was so darn cute)he was quiet, doing a little pace back and forth. My aunt was with me and kept taking me to other cages, but I didn't want to leave his cage. I was scared somebody was gonna take em, since the others vansished into thin air. His fur was all dirty and he stunk to high heaven. The attendant let us meet him on a leash and he was running everywhere while taking a quick lick to himself every now and again. I told my aunt he must of had surgery with all that licking and sure enough he did. No babies for my baby.

We bought him home, I decided to name him Chauncy. My husband thought that was gay (for the lack of words) and decided on Quincy. Which I feel is gay-er. Well to each his own. We could call him shit face and he'd still be cute as a button.

He's 2 years old, trianed and smart as a whip! I'm sure we'll have many stories in the future about all his cuteness and curiosities.

Take a gander: Quincy Q


goooooood girl said...

So good......

dizzblnd said...

He is absolutely adorable! May you have many good years with him!

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