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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Continually Crushing

I experienced a small case of nostalgia the other day.

I was watching TV, and on came a commerical for Brad Pitt's new movie that's in theaters Burn After Reading. Well after watching that serenade of a clip, I started to recollect how I have had a long crush on him and his movies.. along with him, Patrick Swayze & Young & the Restless talent Shamar Moore. (Yum)

The first time I remember falling lustfully over Brad (like I know him personally) was when I was watching the movie.. Legends of the Fall. I don't know what it was about me and that movie, isn't like there were any black people in it? Brad just looked so YUMMY..and wild. (ugh)
I think I was every bit of 14, and I had to tell all my friends about him. As these years tend to progress, his movies has gotten better and better.. and he: older and hotter..

Another hot movie was: (before The Legends...) was Thelma & Louise
Can you say young and tender? HAHA.. Long hair, short hair, ripped jeans or not. He could eat crackers in my bed any day..

Interview with a Vampire
Grosely hot with fangs and all..

Fight Club & Snatch
Are equally hotness.. I think for Fight Club he must of had to workout with a personal trainer for years, the body was out of control.

Ocean's 11 & 12 & Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Are equally hot & sophisticated. All the Brad fit fans have to agree with me here. Chic and davenare was the main ingredient in both of those movies.. sheesh.

Brad might be absolutely marvelous on the eyes, but I don't know what I can say too much about the brains. I saw him being interview with Oprah, and he seemed a little spaced out. His replies to her questions were like... Oookaayyy.. (while nodding in complete confusion) Maybe he was nervous about his transition from Aniston to Jolie..?

Whatever the flake.. he'll always be a hottie scottie in my book.


Anna Lorraine said...

sigh...brad pitt...he's hot. and SNATCH! great movie.

p.s. thanks for the comment.

dizzblnd said...

He is VERY YUM-MY! I was disappointed in Burn After Reading though.

It might be because I was VERY drunk and it was late when we saw it. It didn't seem to make a lot of sense.

Have you seen 12 Monkeys> He has THE best role. He was good at it oo!

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