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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One Chance Too Many!

I know I'm like damn near a week late on the Project Runway show, but shux.. what a surprise..

Jerrell, Kenly, Leanne and Korto have made it to be the last 4. Their project was to create a garden, nature themed evening gown. During the eliminating, Jerrell was the winner of the design, while Leanne, Korto and Kenly was up for elimination. The whopper of the ending was... NONE WERE ELIMINATED!

The designers wanted to keep all to see their creation and styles for fashion week!!

I think that's total bull, Kenly was received one chance too many with her wild crazy old ass 50 styles, and her rude behavior. Ya her designs are interesting, but nothing compared to some of the others. She should of been dropped a long time ago with the all non-teamplayerness!

This was Kenly's creation:

Kenly's wasn't in any realm of what the theme was suppose to be. She choose a plant that (as she thought) resembled scales, and it was purple. The designers said it was non-elegant and reptile like.. as it was! What the hell was on the bottom? I would of went softer? It was very sructured. And I wouldn't see anyone wearing that anywhere!

She mouthed off at Heidi.. Heidi said "And it just wasn't very elegant.." Kenly snapped back " Well it wasn't suppose be elegant HEIDI!" oooou (crowed making a ooou noise)

They said Korto's looked to much like a prom dress, but I thought it was nice, she did have too much fabric in the back, maybe if it would have been a different color and a tad more sleeker they wouldn't have gotten that feel.

Either way: Kenly doesn't deserve to share and bask with their achievements!

Team Korto!! (2nd team on the side: Jerrell)


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