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Friday, October 3, 2008

Saving A Life

My husband and I are making a trip to a pet adoption agency here in town called Wayside Waifes to save a doggie life. I love dogs and most fuzzy types of animals, so this trip should be a heartbreaking one..

I used to have a dog. His name was Charlie, he was a 4lb Yorkie. I bought him from a breeder. When he was a puppy he was the size of my palm. I shared him with my then.. Ex- boyfriend. The reason why I don't have him anymore because during the "ex" part of the relationship he took him, along with his clothes, PlayStation and dirty underwear. I was in school then, and didn't come home until late in the evening. My Charlie would be left in his crate from 8:30am -9:00pm 2 days a week, and I felt terrible. So.. I made the grown up decision for him to keep him. I left my ex anyway, and I felt sorry about that too. He really loved Charlie as well, so I think I kinda accepted that choice as my "parting gift."

Now.. things are different. I'm married, hubb and I have different shifts, and no babies yet, therefore: ALOT of LOVE to give.

Instead of buying an expensive one, I was thinking about saving a life and adopting!

There are many myths to why adopting is questionable, but I think I'm going to be daring and commit too it. I was one of those who thought, you are getting someone else's "damaged goods". But maybe that's ok. I was reading some interesting info from the Human Society about the myths and benefits of adopting pets. It's truly TRUE..

I hope we fall in love tomorrow, I'm thinking we should.. I'm gonna make this just as equivalent as taking a baby home for the first time. The advantage is you get to see what the baby looks like before hand: The runner uppers:


Female & cute!!


Male & cuddly!!

American Eskimo

Male & striking!!

It's not like I'm into blonde's or anything. These dogs were the ones that were available to my extra lovin taste.. I'm really hoping on Keira.. my Terrier passion is always first, so hopefully when I meet her she is as cool as she looks in the pictures.. <3>
Wish me well..


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