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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yea Yea.. More Voting Stuff

I'm tired of it, I know all ya'll are too.. But I did it today. I hate politics. And usually rid myself of it. But this time I couldn't help it.. wasn't it so passionate this time? It was more than just a race to command the US for me. Personal Independence. My husband and I went early 5:15am to make it before there were any lines, to our surprise we were the 2nd couple there. I guess all the house wives and soccer moms didn't make it out as early as I thought. Although we do have advance voting, so maybe that's why they were absent. lol (I got love for the house wives and ponytail swanggin ladies! Geeeze! <3) I didn't want to advance vote, I wanted to do it the day of. Years ago being a woman I wouldn't be able too, and only 138 years later that I being of color could do the same, really 43 years w/o all the shitty stipulations they made up : but that's another story:.

I'm so happy to be me today. Feels good to be proud of who you are, instead of always the conceived opposite.

Enjoy our early morning sunrise: and Journey to Freedom, one step at a time.


dizzblnd said...

It is definitely a history making event! I just hope that everyone in congress can work with him once he is in office to do what needs to be done for this country

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