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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Pack Leader

I am sooo the pack leader in my house.

We've had our 2 year old doggie Quincy almost 2 months now. I've been teaching him EVERYTHING! With learning comes discipline. So that means I'm doing all the naughty discipline stuff too. My husband just gets to benefit from it with rewards & treats.

I noticed the other day hubbs told Quincy to sit. But he said it like "pplleease sit." I told him.. "Hey! you can't ask him to sit, you demand him!" Of course he still didn't get it, so I had to show em. Well, he didn't want to yell at him I guess? I don't yell at my dog, but I can get firm. Then Quincy knows I mean business, after which, he gets a treat & a belly rub down.

Quincy is with both of us equally, so one shouldn't take over the other, but it seems as though it has. We get in the car together and stop at ANY FAST FOOD RESTAURANT, and I notice he barks at the people in the window helping us. They get scared of course, and I have to tell him to "QUIET!!". My husband.. tries to make him sit. I'm thinkin.. 'What ARE you doing?'

So, my husband needs to grow some doggy balls. Not literally, but don't be scared to get firm. I told him that this is just pre-lookinto what it's gonna be like when we have kids?

He said it wasn't, but whatever. I'm, gonna be the disciplinary with him being the good guy!? I don't think so. I can't & will not do everything. Ya know...

We watch Cesar on The Dog Whisper all the time. I'm pretty keen to dogs anyhow, but when my husband comes home to his surprise I've left like 80% of space with 30 episodes recorded on the DVR. Just.. waiting for him. Cesar's doggy balls are huge. So maybe hubbs can get a hint er two. If I'm lucky.


dizzblnd said...

Ceasar is GREAT! I have learned a lot from him. I has helped me with our big dog.

Being the Alpha Bitch is a great thing. If your hubs never grows his doggy balls, you will have complete control woooooohoooooooo.

I love the cartoon you posted with your story

dizzblnd said...

I was just thinking.. I wonder if you change your blog web address it might fix the problem of it not being found by blogger and/or not being updated in my reader as well. I don't know for sure, but it might help

Errant said...

humm .. typical woman ..

we do all the work !

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