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Friday, November 14, 2008

She Bloggs About Blogging.

Maybe I'm not quite getting the blog idea down? I don't have interesting stuff as all of you to blog about?. I think my life might be pretty boring.

I create a post... ::whistling:: "Doo ta doo dooo" What.. to blog about...?

I refuse to do a rundown list of my day's events, post pictures of the crap I took around the house, or complain blog after complain blog.

I do commend all you creative geniuses who are so witty, fun and good at this.

I like to read, and I like to write, maybe I'll write some short stories.. but would I want to read some short stories all the time? No. I like reading real life smut, in short paragraphs. lol

I could really get personal, but who wants to make a fool of themselves? Maybe my fooling is really funny. Like my impatient and extremely high libido. Yes, I'm one of those. But it is pretty funny.

I'm just gonna start posting some interesting randomness about me.. My first intention was to stimulate my creative writing that I used to do all the time, but that has somehow taken another direction.

I dunno..

I'm still new, not gonna beat myself up too bad. It is what you make it right?

Yea! right. (lol I just answered myself)


acute_disaster said...

I like your blogs.

They're just as good as everyone else's here.

Just keep doing what you're doing, because it's absolutely fine the way it is in my book.



dizzblnd said...

If I didn't find you interesting, I wouldn't follow. Go with the randomness in your life people like to read about other peoples lives and stuff... The anonymity of the internet is a wonderful thing!

Just have fun with it... it is YOUR blog.

Missy said...

You're doing fine:)

Babbington said...

I agree, yours is a good blog - just keep on keeping on and you'll be fine :-)

And as for randomness - hey, that's the whole premise behind my blog... a place to empty the irrelevant thoughts which constantly surge through my mind day after day after day after day...

I've always said it's my insanity that keeps me sane - now I'm starting to think that it just might actually be true!

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