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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All Vegas'ed Out

Vacation spot's don't come easy nor cheap in my house. Usually, I try to go and have a fun time out of town at a relatives spot. Vacation & visit the fam too! Well, my mom's side of the family currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. I've been there a billion in a half times. I've been my junior year in highschool, my 21st birthday, again at 23. Geese. How many times can you see the lights, Vegas sign & a volcano on fire

(which was under construction last time I went! =0() My husband has yet to visit Vegas, nor my grandma & uncles. So therefore, sometime in my life, I still have to take him. Last Febuary my bff turned 25 and she wanted to party it up there, so we went. After all the drinks, no wait lines at all the bars & clubs (Drai's, is my FAV btw) I am honestly spent on Vegas. There has to be some equally, just as fun places for everyone to go to have a great time!? My mom just flew there last week and she's bummed because I didn't want to go and be with her & my grandma. I should of went, I miss my grandma, but I can't stand to go anymore. Another friend called me up a month ago trying to get a group together through a travel agency to guess what.. "Go to VEGAS!!".. ah. vegas. I know there are some people out there that are still totally enamored by Vegas, but after awhile.. it gets kinda old.

What are some other cool cheap vaca party spots out there to visit?

Considering I'm in KS, and can't take the "L" up to Manhattan, I'm kinda stuck on the money side of traveling. Vegas usally has deals for days to visit, like no other, but it almost makes you want to spend the extra dollar for some difference.

Ya know?


dizzblnd said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well.. I have never been to Lost Wages.. so anytime you get invited, let me know.. I'll go for you.

Come to Orlando... lotsa fun great touristy deals too!

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