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Friday, April 10, 2009

Where Were You in 1982?

I was just peeking out of my moms uterus to be welcomed into skinny Levi's, braided plats, head bans and sweaters with alligators on them..lol However much I say I don't like the 80's, I find myself fascinated with that time period, while dealing with how far we're getting away from it. I'm getting older..=0( I mean, =0).

What prompted my question was a movie I never seen before, but everyone else had: Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

It came on cable last night, I saw it coming on and was like, do I want to watch this old movie? lol Then I saw what it was, and remembered my uncles and aunts talking about it some years ago.

It was funny, and kind of raunchy! It was like our American Pie.. silly with a whole bunch of nudity & smutt talk.. and a whole bunch of actors that I recognise in other current movies. Like of course Sean Penn, Linda Barret, Judge Reinhold, YUMMY Eric Stoltz (From Mr. Jealousy & the bad Dad in Butterfly Effect) and Forrest Whitaker.. Soundtrack was good, one of my fav songs was from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers! This was just a lil movie time that took me back! <3

Here's the original trailer:


Islandbaby said...

Well since I was born in the very end of 1982 I probably wasn't even born yet...

So, I was in my Mommy's pretty brown belly.

dizzblnd said...

thanks for making me feel old girlfriend. I was 10. In the 5th grade and being paddled for not doing my homework.. Great! Now I need to make an appointment with my therapist. I am sending you the bill!

That movie is an all time favorite of mine. I am glad you finally got to watch it!

Scorned Woman said...

Wow! That really brought back some memories for me.

mrs. mary mack said...

I love that movie. It's a good one to watch on a lazy day when there's nothng for you to do and it's raining outside. Back in 1982 I was the tender age of 2...I wish I could go back.

Bon Don said...

I grew up watching all those soft porn 80's movies!! hahaha didn't get it, till I was older though!! hahaha

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

1982... I wasn't even born yet.. but close!

My year is 1984 ;) do you remember porkys??

AD said...

Lol, I was not even thought of yet. Seeing it as my mother was only 10 at the time. Lol.


Stereos and Souffles said...

I was 8 but that movie is in my Top 10 favs.

Jillian said...

*sigh* i was just poppin out or already popped out LOL

uummm where are you lady!?!?? :)

hey i'd love your support over as the woman of the week :)..link is at top of my blog :)


Desert Rat said...

I was 6, wow that was a long time ago...the 80's movies were hilarious but now you watch them and they are so slow. My favorite 80's movie is "Last American Virgin".

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