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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Kiss of Death

The title of this blog may sound like a Forensic File episode or maybe a funny story when actually it's a strory as serious as a heart attack.

Here in Kansas City we have a newly renovated downtown called "The Power and  Light District'. It houses many chic bars, restarurants, clubs and late night concerts. Well my friend and her cousin were going out for the evening. My friend and her cousin are both beautiful, young and vibrant ladies.

While in the club my friend said to her cousin, "Don't leave me this time, lets stay together tonight! I am not taking a cab home again." The cousin said, "Okay promise." Well after a couple drinks and some long dances the cousin met a guy that visually swept her off her feet. She said he was so sexy, tall and handsome. They kissed and made out during the night.... He asked her if he could take her to his house so they could continue their "love sessions". She said to him that she promised she couldn't leave her cousin alone. He begged and she begged my friend and my friend pleaded NO!... The cousin swapped numbers with him so they could re-ignite their passion elsewhere when they got the chance some other time. The girls went home, exchanged stories of the sexy random with hopes of calling him again sometime during the week.

A few days goes by and the cousin gets a painful, blistering type of cold sore on the bottom of her lips. This is extreamly embarrassing because she's fairly attractive. She immediately goes to the Dr. to see what type of sore was growing rapidly on her lips. The Dr. nicely advises her to wait while he runs some quick test to see what exactly what it was. The Dr. came back, completly serious and a tad shaken. He asks her, "Who have you recently been with or kissing to give you this on your face?" Embarrssed she denied no one and just said it grew there. He forces the answer out of her again. She again denied but anxiously wondered what the hell was going on?

 The Dr. left the room again. After awhile the Dr. came back escorting 2 male officers. The officers politely greeted her and asked her again. Scared out of her wits she obliged and asked what was going on?? With the Dr. standing by, the officer told her that what she had on her lip was an extreamly deadly fungus, but only found on dead caucuses, or deceased humans. She panicked and began to open up entirely. She told them the whole story of what happen that Saturday night and who she was with. The officers asked if she still had the phone number of the guy she was with. She did and gave it to them.

Days later the officers visited that sexy guy's house. They did a search while he wasn't home. Inside they found 2 dead bodies. Both female victims and about the same age of my friend and her cousin. The man was arrested and has been taken to jail. He hasn't been convicted of anything yet but we know for sure he was into necrophilia with these women.

Necrophilia: sexual arousal stimulated by a dead body. The stimulation can be either in the form of fantasies or actual physical sexual contact with a corpse.

It was totally traumatic for my friends family. Even for me! This is a true story and I couldn't believe this happened so close to home, or someone I knew. I believe in God and had to immediately pray and give thanks that she wasn't the next victim. Her life has been spared.

I had to call my BF in Cali just to let her know the craziness in our lil city and for her to be careful up there. You never know where situations in your life can take you. Hopefully my friends cousin will remember this and choose her surrounding and people wisely.


Arnetta Green said...

Wow! I did not expect to read that. I am so glad that your friend's cousin was okay. It was a true blessing that your friend was adament in telling her cousin not to leave the club with someone. These are truly some dangerous times we are living in today.

SheBloggs said...

Yes girl! These are some times we live in!? I was like shaken to the core. Like, what's next. That's something from out of a movie, not down the street in your back yard!

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