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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can't Take It Anymore!

So I've been talking to my husband about quiting my job.

I am by no means a quiter but I can't take the stresses and unbalance of work loads anymore. I've been at the same profession since a year out of college. Actually I stopped school to work there full time, so I've been there ever since 2002. I've moved up and ranked but have yet to be fully satisfied with my working LIFE.

What do you do when you make an adquate amount of income but severely depressed about being there? Quit? I'm 27 now, will be 28 in July and I'm having this ora of self worth that keeps tapping me on the head asking me if this is what I was meant to be doing for the rest of m life? Then the RECESSION slug slithers over and says I gotta stay or I won't ever find anything else. What to do?

I've been thinking for a few years now about how I want to start my own business. We've been saving to buy a house, but I think I want to use that money to start up a small restraunt. It has always been a dream and I would consider it doing something I love. I complain I'm stressed now but owning a business can conjure just the same or even more head aches. BUT I will justify it as doing it for something I love doing? Right?

Second guessing myself is what I do best. lol Well this is how dreams begin, fueled by pains of instability. If I don't do this than I must do something.. I will personally give myself another year or two then I'm out the door. I must exspirence life with a new challenge, tackel it, kick the shit of out it, and maybe have time for a drink on the beach afterwards. We shall see!


NatalieCottrell said...

Best of luck! My parents were sole-proprietors of multiple businesses, and though it was tough and you never really get to "punch out," it afforded us so many opportunities and we always called the shots. It can take some time to get off the ground, but don't give up! You've got one go at life. (Sorry, I blame that "You can do it!" fervor on the Olympics. Kinda.)

Arnetta Green said...

I know EXACTLY how you're feeling. These past couple of months, the feeling got unbearable for me and that's when I started making plans, setting checkpoints and suddenly doors started to open. So you're right, dreams are definitely fueled by the pain of instability. I'm sending positive energy your way. I think it will work out!

SheBloggs said...

Natalie:: That's exactly what I need! That Olympic "you can do it" cheer! lol I've been so gunho about it that I'm ready and now I'm just counting on the support group of family and friends to keep me staying mentally a float. It's gonna be a task, that's for sure!

Arnetta:: Yea, it's like that time of getting back to the basics. It's always good to stand back and take a look at your life and start to make some new changes. Plus it's a perfect time for us. We're all at that "age". At least that's what my financial advisor says. lol

No said...

so many dreams are fulfilled by taking a risk on life. Just make sure it's as calculated as possible (do your homework) america is built by entrepreneurs If you want to start a restaurant i say go for it.



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